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Week 8 – WWW

1.5kg down this week!

I’VE DONE IT!!!! My 2nd goal to lose 10kg by 25 July 2012. WOW, I can hardly believe it 😀

Now I guess I need to make ANOTHER new goal!

So here it is: My new 3 month goal is to weigh less than 80kg by the last weigh-in (which I think is 29 August). If I achieve this goal, that would make my total weight loss 14.4kg (31.7lbs). Not bad considering my original goal was to lose 12kg across the 12 weeks!

My lowest known weight as an adult is 76.9kg (and that was right before my 30th birthday). So I will be very happy to get into the 70’s again!!

Planning to go hard for the next 5 weeks!


Week 7 – WWW

1.2kg down this week!! 😀

My BMI is now under 30!

My BMR is dropping – at the start of this it was 1674! Now it’s 1623.

Total weight loss is now 8.7kg!

Looking forward to seeing more great results in the coming weeks. I’m already making some special plans for the Brisbane finale party!!


Week 6 WWW

Hurray!!! I’m no longer OBESE, now I’m just OVERWEIGHT!!!  LOL

1kg down this week. I’m happy with that. (Although I wonder if/when I’ll lose 1.7kg a week again – that would be super!)

Total weight lost is now 7.5kg 😀 and we are at the half-way mark!

There are only 2.5kg to go in the next 2 weeks – to meet my 2nd goal…

It’s at this point of the program that Mish asks us to step our training up a notch. So I’m trying to take that on board and work harder, run longer, lift heavier.

Hoping for a big result next week!


Week 5 WWW

So I did a weigh-in on Wednesday, but it was a small result (-200g), so I checked again on Thursday (1 week since last weigh-in), and it was better! (-600g).

My total weight loss is now 6.5kg, and 6.9% of my body weight!!

AND I forgot to mention earlier, I got an email on Wednesday from Michelle Bridges, congratulating me on my progress!!!! I received it in the car on the way home, and read it out to Mr S. I was so excited I was jumping out of my seat!!! 😀


It is SO true, consistency is key. I’m so determined to continue changing my lifestyle. I’m taking on these new routines for life, and I’m teaching Miss E about healthy living.

My heart jumped with joy when I did my fitness test back in Week 1. Mr S & Miss E came along for support, and Miss E ran around saying ‘Mummy run, Mummy run!’ 😀  And since then when I’m on the treadmill, ‘Mummy run!’ while she runs around the house 🙂  This is a much better picture than Mummy going through the drive-through every couple of days, and the toddler immediately asking for chips from the back seat.

I have to say I am a teeny bit disappointed in the small results this week. I realise the body is not a computer, and sometimes these things just happen. But it is timely for a review of my progress so far, so stay tuned for that. I did have a couple of red flag events that I could have handled even better.

I wonder if I was a bit un-realistic setting my new goal for 10kg lost by 25 July. I have 3.5kg to lose in the next 3 weeks…

This week I’m putting my focus into sticking to my nutrition plan, and nailing my workouts. I’m going to aim for another 1000 calorie burn on Saturday! And I might even do another PIP group workout on Sunday – even though it is my rest day!

Bring on Week 6!


Day 28 – Sparta 300 & Date Night!

What a long day! I was up at 5:30am for the group workout. Met some lovely new 12WBT ladies, and we drove there together, chatting the whole way. The workout was good, not as hard as I thought it would be! After a few warm-up activities, the main part of the workout was a series of exercises totalling 300. In teams of 3 we had to do 50 of each exercise (as a team, not individually!), with a sprint/run in-between each set. Squats, push-ups, mountain climbers, crunches, burpies, and something else I can’t remember. So it was 17 each, per exercise. And we went through that TWICE! I don’t think I’ve ever done so many squats in one day.

The breakfast was nice, a spread of good healthy options: fresh fruit, muesli bar slice, banana bread, yoghurt & fruit, and juice. (After staying up making banana bread last night, I bloody forgot to take it with me! Lucky there was plenty to go around). We tried to hunt down a coffee cart in the park, without success. So we stopped for coffees on the way home.

Our Date Night was lovely, and Miss E was very well behaved! I’m so relieved. Until now, we’ve only had my sister Mim do babysitting for us. I wasn’t sure how Miss E would respond to new carers, and us being away for hours. But she was fine, YAY!

So I made some popcorn for the movie, but then in our rush to leave the house I didn’t have time to weigh it 😦 And I ate it anyway. So I did some reseach here, which says 1 cup of air-popped popcorn is 31 calories. I started with 3 tablespoons of kernels, and it looked to be about 3 cups approx.

For dinner I chose the seafood mixed grill, and I think it was a good choice. There wasn’t that much meat once it was prepared, although I didn’t cook it all at once and plate it together for a visual. However I do suspect I had a few too many plank chips. Next time I will decide how many I’ll allow myself to have, and then make the rest disappear out of sight. And I forgot to ask for the dressing on the side of the salad. So the calories here are a bit of an educated guess. Perhaps I could have taken my kitchen scales with me?? LOL. I didn’t feel like I’d over-eaten, so it’s all good.

I am pleased to have resisted the garlic bread that Mr S had for starters though!

(‘New You’ Journal)

Lentil & beetroot salad w ricotta

Seafood Mixed Grill. Prawns, Moreton Bay bug, scallops, salmon & a seafood sauce, with chips & greek salad. In the foreground is the square hot stone that we cook on, and to the left of that is a column of sauces.

Death by Chocolate. I had one spoon, with a bit of everything on it. And when Mr S was finished, I also scraped up some of the chocolate sauce. My willpower muscle is getting STRONG!!

Tomorrow – Monday. Planning to do the 6:30pm Pump class, and I intend to have squeaky clean nutrition for the next few days. Weigh-in is Wednesday, and I’m not very confident of a good result.


Week 4 WWW

So I decided to do my weigh-in today, and I have lost 800 grams!
Total loss is now 5.9kg.

Not as big a loss as previous weeks, but I expected that. Hoping for a bigger number next week.

I will also take my measurements today – the scales may not show it, but surely I’m getting smaller! And I’m doing my fitness test on Saturday.

AND…. I forgot to mention this earlier in the week, on Monday during Pump I did a few pushups ON MY TOES!!!!!!!!!!! They may not have been low enough, bit still!

Day 23 – Hump day

What a miserable day! The weather here has been overcast and rainy, and COLD! Though I am enjoying rugging up in coats and scarves 🙂

Today’s exercise was a struggle, but at least I did something. Mr S had to give me a nudge off the couch though. We had come home from work, the traffic was terrible because of the weather, so I’d missed the 5:30pm Step class. Mr S had to make a phone call, and I sat on the couch… and there I stayed… Anyway, I did a 40 minute walk with small (tiny!) bouts of running. I’m soo tired, I just couldn’t run for any more than a few minutes.

So I’ve fallen into an old habit this week. Coffee. The first one seemed innocent enough, a meeting over a cup of coffee. The next day an excuse surfaced ‘I’m so tired, I need a coffee to get started’…. I adjusted my meal plan and bought another skinny flat white. Not terrible, but not ideal either. I really really need to get more sleep.

Image Source

Banana Smoothie

Broccoli Soup

Steak with corn & avocado salsa

Tomorrow – Wednesday. No netball this week as we didn’t make the finals, and the new season starts next week. So that means I can do the 5:30pm Pump class! It’s also weigh-in day, and whatever happens, it will not alter my course, or affect my determination. I don’t expect a big loss.

This week I’m really trying to stay consistent with my exercise. Lately I have started strong, but by the end of the week (on my ‘home’ days), I’ve stopped. This Thursday I’m really keen to do a 5:30pm boxing class, and on Friday I’m going to go to the gym for the 10:30am Pilates class, but will spend the time hanging out in the creche, so Miss E can get familiar with the carers and the environment. I’ll have a look at the library for a Pilates/Yoga DVD that I could do in the evening.

This post comes to you from our laptop, in the car on our way to work! Mr S’ mobile has a wireless access point, so I can connect the laptop to the internet through his mobile. Sometimes I sleep on the way (and snore softly too.. Mr S laughs!), but now I can write up the previous day’s post, instead of doing it late at night when I should be asleep.


Day 21 – Ahhhh rest day

Sometimes I wish I could be 3 again. To not have to deal with the responsibilities of adulthood. What a joy that would be. I don’t recall being in a particular hurry to grow up, but now… how I wish I had savoured those carefree days more!

I attended another red flag event today (our friend’s sons 3rd birthday party), and successfully avoided cake, soft cheese and crackers, & chocolate slice. I prepared my lunch early, and took it to the party. I ate most of it at home afterwards, but it was there at the party if I needed it.

Image Source

Poached eggs w salmon & avocado toast. I think I need to have a close look at why I think I need to have 2 eggs. That second egg really eats into my snack allowance!

Salmon cases w salad. I had 2 salmon quiche thingies; I munched on one during the party, and ate the rest once we arrived home. I will definitely make these again; they are perfect for a picnic, or a morning tea, and are super easy to make.

Wholemeal crumpet w strawberry jam. I’m not used to the sugar in this! The belly had a bit of a gurgle afterwards.

Lamb steaks with cauliflower mash & beans. We weren’t sure on the mash. Are you meant to drain the stock first? Delicious though! We didn’t buy cutlets as they are too expensive.

Tomorrow – Monday. It’s my first day back at work after 5 weeks off (red flag alert!).

Lunch & snacks packed – check.
Clothes & shoes ready – check.
Gym bag ready – check.
Handbag packed & ready – check. Including ID and access card.
Breakfast recipe & dry ingredients ready – check.
Do I remember my password to log-on? – check. Yes I do! Lol
In bed early – needs improvement.

The new plan is to do the 6:30pm Pump class on Mondays and the 5:30pm Pump class on Wednesdays (unless it clashes with netball and if so I’ll do the Toning DVD instead), with cardio training Tuesdays & Thursdays, and core/flexibility on Fridays. My super cardio session will be either Saturday or Sunday (preferably Saturday unless it is a milestone week). Sunday will continue to be Rest Day, unless it is a milestone week.

So I am failing spectacularly on the ‘fowl’ challenge – I will update the last few days soon. Although now that I’m back at work, I really really do have to get to sleep earlier.

I can’t believe we are at Week 4 already!! This is a milestone week, which means we re-do the fitness test & measurements we did in Week 1. I’ll be doing mine on Saturday, exactly 3 weeks since I did them last. Looking forward to seeing some improvements!

I have updated my goals, seeing as I achieved my 1 month goal 2 weeks early. I’ve tried to keep it realistic though. I’m not expecting another 5.1kg in 2.5 weeks!

I hope your weekend didn’t feel as fast as mine did.

A quick hello to my new followers!! I plan to visit your blogs sometime this week, and will say ‘hi’ while I’m there 🙂

Keep smiling

Day 17 – I heart Netball!

This is a quick post, because it’s late and I’ve missed my 9pm shut-off!

Today has been a fantastic day! I’m so pleased with my progress so far, and it just encourages me to keep going, and stay focussed. I’m really starting to enjoy exercising!

I won’t have time to watch the live video with Mish tonight, I’ll have to watch it tomorrow night. Can’t wait to ‘catchup’ with Mish again 🙂

Another great day of training – 932 calories today! And I was on fire at netball tonight – I barely missed a shot! I love it when that happens 🙂 And we won like 45-23 or something like that. Nooiice!

Image Source

Banana Bruschetta. No honey today! To be honest I completely forgot about adding it.

Ham & corn relish wrap with cottage cheese.

Penang Chicken. I was going to have the Thai Pumpkin soup, but haven’t made the time to make it yet. Thankfully we have some back-up meals in the freezer!

Tomorrow – Thursday. I have a couple of red flag events coming up, and the first is tomorrow. I’m hosting our Mother’s Group afternoon tea. I’m planning to serve an assortment of snacks. I’m thinking wholegrain rice crackers with little squares of cheese (Bega slices cut into 4), carrot sticks & green beans with hummus dip, and a plate of fruit. I’ll count out a punnet of strawberries for myself, and some crackers & cheese as my snacks! Maaaybe I could get some weight watchers choc chip cookies, but I’m conscious of the temptation, easier to just not buy them!

I’m also considering switching to tea, because it’s better for you, and has fewer calories. I figure I really only started drinking coffee when I started working in the city, so if I give it enough time, I could grow to like tea (here’s hoping!).

I’m planning to do a 6pm RPM class. Yes, yes I’m surprised at myself for wanting to do it again! My bum is pleading noooooo! I will have a quick look at Aldi tomorrow for a gel seat thingo. If my bum convinces me otherwise, I’ll do either a Mish DVD or a treadmill run.

My other red flag events are:

  • On Friday I’m going to a Pregnancy Babies & Children’s Expo.
  • On Saturday night we are going out for a friend’s birthday dinner.
  • On Sunday we’re going to our friend’s son’s 3rd birthday party.

I’m yet to finalise my plans for each of them, but I have some ideas swimming around in my head 🙂

OK, so I didn’t quite make the 9pm shut-down, but I AM TURNING IT OFF NOW! It’s now 9:31pm.

I hope your week is going great!

Week 3 WWW

WOW. ANOTHER 1.7kg loss this week!!! (That’s 3 weeks in a row!)

So I’ve achieved my 1 month goal – TWO WEEKS EARLY!!!!

(My 1 month goal was to lose 5kg by 4 July).

I can’t believe I’ve actually done my first goal already! 😀

AND…. I’m now in the 80’s!!!!!!

This is AWESOME!!

I just cannot rate this program highly enough. I feel great, I’m not sore, I don’t feel deprived, and the food is delicious!

I’m returning to work next week, after 5 weeks of leave. One of the reasons for my leave was to get a good start on the 12WBT. Before I went on leave I had a tiny voice in my head saying that I could come back to work 5kg lighter…. part of me thought ‘yeah right – wouldn’t that be good’… but I’ve done it!

There is still a long way to go though, so I will just keep doing what I’m doing 🙂

I hope you’re having a super great day!! (I know I am!)


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