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Day 67 – Massive Mothers Group!

Although I’m now working 5 days per week, today I had the day off as Miss E doesn’t have a spot at daycare on Thursdays until next week onwards.

So I was able to join my friends for mums & bubs group, and we had a lovely time! There was a big turn-out today: 6 friends & 8 children (7 girls & 1 boy). It was great! Now I wish we had gotten a photo of all the toddlers (6 of them) all together.

Mothers Group is a red flag event for me, and I wasn’t organised at all today. I didn’t have any snacks prepared. In the end I had a handful of wholegrain rice crackers, 2 mini quiches, 2 crackers w cheese, and 5 paleo zuchinii fritters, and 2 peppermint teas. Not tooooo bad.

Bad is the 2 Subway cookies I inhaled late in the evening ūüė¶

*sigh*¬† I wasn’t very good at riding the emotions this time…

Tomorrow – Friday. No plans for exercise yet, just a full day at work, and then try to get to bed early.



Day 35 – Planning & preparing

Sunday, rest day!!

Well. I did say I was going to do another PIP group training session at 7am. But after just 5 hours of broken sleep, and all-over soreness from my SSS, and really really painful calves from Step (I’m nearly limping!)… well, I turned off my alarm and slept in to 9am! Whoops. I suspect it was unrealistic to think I could back up and do another session so soon. I do wish I’d gone though. I’d like to get out there and meet more 12WBT people. Anyway, there’s always next week. But I do like my rest days..

So no training today, but the meal planning & shopping for next week is done.

(‘New You’ Journal)

Bacon & egg burrito. YUM! I don’t have bacon that often, and I forget how tasty it is. Today it was¬†nice & crispy, with soft eggs & wrap.

Ham cases with salad. These are usually made with smoked salmon, but we only had ham. Just as good I reckon!

Crumbed fish with sweet potato wedges

Chocolate & peppermint tea. I think I’m actually starting to like peppermint tea! Especially with CHOCOLATE!!! YUM.

Tomorrow РMonday. I have work, and then the 6:30pm Pump class. Home in time for toddler bedtime, and dinner, and then into bed EARLY.

This next week is a busy one, and looks like this:

Monday – work & 6:30pm Pump
Tuesday – work & 5:30pm Step
Wednesday – work & 5:30pm Pump & 9:20pm Netball
Thursday – 10am appointment & 2pm Mothers Group (I think I’m hosting) & 6pm RPM
Friday – 10:30am Pilates & 7pm 12WBT dinner
Saturday Р9am TBT (tummy, butt, thighs) class & possible GNO (girls night out!)
Sunday РSSS: 8:30am Jetty 2 Jetty 5km fun run & MB Cardio DVDs

My checklist for the next week looks like this:

  • Toddler¬†meals (x3) planned & reminder set to take them to daycare – DONE
  • Toddler clothes laid out (x3) – DONE
  • Work clothes ironed & ready (at least 3 outfits) – DONE
  • Gym clothes ready (4 sets: Mon-Thur) – DONE
  • Gym bag packed – DONE
  • Week 6 daily meals & snacks planned & journals ready (7 days) – DONE
  • Daily post template ready – DONE
  • Lunch pre-made & frozen where possible

I haven’t yet made my lunch for tomorrow, and I will have to make it in the morning. I’ll also swap the lunch I had planned, with one that is faster to prepare.

Phew! So… 7 days of training. Can I do it???

How is your week shaping up?


Day 22 – Red flag…? What red flag?

Well, I think I smashed this red flag day! I was up at 5:30am, and at 6am made breakfast for Mr S & I. We were out the door at about 7:15am, dropped Miss E off at daycare, started our commute into the city, and I started work at 8:15am. (This must be some kind of record, the traffic is light at the moment due to the school holidays!).

My clothes were ready, my lunch & snacks were packed, and everything went smoothly. It was a fantastic start!

I wasn’t tempted one bit by the box of fundraising chocolates outside my office pod. I had my morning tea muesli bar with a cup of peppermint tea…. yes that’s right TEA!!! I even drank the whole thing. Now my usual poison (literally?) was a grande double shot caramel latte with 2 sugars…. oh and then a buttered ham cheese & tomato toasted sandwich dripping in melted cheese and¬†mayo/mustard sauce. NOT ANYMORE!

I had my chicken rice paper rolls for lunch, while reading the June issue of Australian Women’s Health magazine. My manager & I went for a¬†catchup meeting over coffee, so I quickly altered my plan to swap the yoghurt (66 cals) for a skinny flat white (68 cals). I kept the banana for a late snack, as I knew we would be eating dinner late, due to my gym visit & Mr S doing the toddler evening routine (and I wasn’t able to pre-make our dinner¬†yesterday).

I went to the 6:30pm Pump class, it is BUSY on Monday nights! I was right at the back of the room in front of the glass doors. Which meant part of the gym floor could look down the corridor into the room and see my big bum doing squats, but I didn’t even¬†care!

I did have¬†a bit of an issue with my shoulder tonight. I may have aggravated an old shoulder injury of sorts. When I was playing netball twice a week, I had some shoulder pain and went to the physio. Basically it was a result of¬†poor posture through my neck and my shoulders were being affected. I tend to hold alot of tension in my neck (I suspect from a car accident many years ago), and find myself sleeping with my shoulders shrugged up (does that even make sense?). So I’m going to work on improving my posture, and hope that will make a difference.
I ‚̧ Pump! I don’t want to have to give it up.

I asked Mr S tonight whether it was silly me continuing to post my HRM photos here, showing¬†my calorie burn… but he said ‘Not at all, that’s your trophy!’. And he is¬†SO right! Thankyou Babe, you nailed it ūüėÄ

Image Source

Scrambled eggs with baked beans. I’m not usually a fan of the baked bean, but this was pretty good! Next time I’ll mash up the beans, and put the scrambled egg on top I reckon.

Muesli bar & peppermint tea. Yep, you read that right, TEA! It might become a staple, now that I know it is only 2 calories!!! AND it’s good for you!!!

Chicken rice paper rolls. Oh dear, clearly my rolling technique is¬†a far cry from the pieces of deliciousness we had the other night. It looks like they are over-filled, but I had lots of filling to use! Plus the rice papers were old, and cracked in places. The dipping sauce was going well… until the pinch¬†of dried chilli I added started to bring some heat into the situation.

Broccoli soup. This was YUM! I know it doesn’t look like much, but truuust me – I could have had another bowl it was that nice. Lucky, because I’m having it for lunch tomorrow! Mr S loved it too!

Tomorrow – Tuesday. My plan is either a 5am run, or a 5:30pm Step class, or 6:30pm Zumba class. But preferably the Step class.

We did a freezer stocktake today. We have 2 serves of Pumpkin Soup, 1 serve of Penang Chicken, and 1 serve of Broccoli Soup (not counting the 1 serve for my lunch tomorrow). So I won’t do a cook-up until I’ve used them up – we don’t have the freezer space.

I’m feeling a bit nervous about weigh-in this week. But I know I’ve done everything I can to follow the program, and whatever happens happens. I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing ūüôā

Some more red flag events coming up this week:

Thursday – each month there is a¬†fundraising High Tea at a local pub – $15 for unlimited tea/coffee and assorted scones, cakes, sandwiches etc. It is where¬†my Mother’s Group meet for that week,¬†instead of at someone’s house. My plan (and what I’ve done before) is to take a punnet of strawberries and munch on those, and buy a skinny flat white coffee. If I haven’t prepared some lunch for Miss E, I’ll pay (it’s for a good cause too!) and get her some sandwiches or fruit.

Friday¬†– dinner & drinks with some new 12WBT friends. I’m going to research the menu the day before, and¬†order a small thai salad or something similar. Or¬†I could have an early dinner at home, and just have some mineral water & snack on some rice crakers. It won’t be a late night, as I’m doing the fitness test in the morning!

Saturday – our friend’s daughter’s 2nd birthday party. I can¬†either have my lunch beforehand or have it there, and also allocate some ‘lengthy’ snacks. I.E snacks that can be prolonged over a period of time, e.g. a punnet of strawberries, or 20 rice crackers… ‘oh gee that bbq wing looks delicious.. have a rice cracker!¬† Mmmmm, that soft cheese would be nice… have a strawberry!’. Although I may allow myself a small sliver of birthday cake.

Sunday – Week 4 Mini Milestone event. I’ve pencilled in the group training session, but it’s at 7AM on a Sunday morning, and this is a red flag because I’m not thrilled at the idea of getting up at 5:30am on a Sunday in winter, to go and run around the park. BUT… I am looking forward to that feeling of accomplishment when the workout is finished, and I did it! I’m inviting¬†some other 12WBT-ers to come along as well – strength in numbers!

Gosh.. sorry for the super long post!

How is your week going? Is your gym bag packed, lunch packed, & clothes ready?


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