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Day 34 – SSS

YAY for another successful Super Saturday Session!!!

I made it to the gym for 8:30am Step, then stayed on for 9:30am Pump, then went home and did a short run on the tready to get to 1000 calories.
Total calorie burn = 1053!!!! Yeah baby ūüėÄ

I only just made it into the Step class,¬†and as a result I¬†had to go right up the front so it was difficult to follow the steps. I was soo uncoordinated! And wow, I haven’t done a Step class in ages, and it is HARD!! I burnt¬†633 calories in the 1 hour! Pump was great, as usual, and I learned that if I’m not puffed and shaky at the end of each¬†track, then I need to increase the weight. Goodness! So I’ll see how that goes on Monday.

Oh and I realised why I have found running on the treadmill so difficult lately – it was on an INCLINE!! So that has been fixed, and now I can run longer and faster. Lol. Wish I’d found that sooner!

Still undecided on doing the J2J 5km run¬†this coming weekend. I haven’t done much running training lately. I have to decide by 10 July though, so time is running out. I probably will do it, because I know if I don’t I’ll regret missing the opportunity. The run starts at 8:30am, and goes along the beachfront, so let’s hope the weather stays great.

(‘New You’ Journal)

Banana bruschetta

Baked beans & poached eggs on avocado toast

Roast hazelnut bar. I picked this up at Woolies, and at 144 calories, it hits the spot for any sweets craving!

Cajun chicken. This is one of my most favourite meals!! It’s delicious!

Tomorrow – Sunday. I’ve committed myself to doing another 7am Pain in Paradise session, eeeeep! Other than that we are just preparing for the week ahead, and Mr S will be watching the V8 Supercars.



Day 20 – SSS Success!

Hello Everyone!

How is your weekend going so far?

The group fitness class was cancelled due to illness, so my SSS plans had to change. Instead of giving up¬†like I have in the past, I did the entire workout at home alone! It took 2 hours, but I did it! Mr S & Miss E were out doing the grocery shopping, and I did Michelle’s Seek & Destroy Cardio Kicker DVD (minus cool down), and then her Super Shredder Circuit DVD (minus cool down), then a 25 minute run/walk on the treadmill, then the Super Shredder cool down & stretch. Total burn = 1,126 calories! AWESOME!

I was surprised I didn’t need to do¬†the lower impact moves, for¬†jumping jacks &¬†jumping squats (which shows my fitness is improving!). Although I did do the alternative for the plyometric lunges, I¬†struggle with my balance for a basic lunge.

Tonight we went out to a Vietnamese restaurant for dinner with a group of friends. We weren’t able to find a sitter, so we took Miss E with us! She was very well behaved (some new sticker books and the iPad kept her occupied), and we were able to enjoy our meal, which was lovely.¬†I’m not sure on the calorie count for my meal¬†(I may have even over-estimated), but it was all healthy stuff.

Image Source

Mushroom & onion omelette. This was so yummy and filling! I’m starting to understand why people love omelettes! I was cooking for 1, so I split the recipe. It needed 1.5 eggs, and 1.5 egg whites, so I just used 2 of each. So the calories should be¬†a bit higher on this one.

Turkey & Swiss cheese wrap w cranberries

Vietnamese rice paper rolls. Not sure on the calories, and I forgot to¬†count how many I had. But I don’t feel like I’ve over-eaten. And I’ve burned extra calories today anyway, so I’m sure it will be fine.

Entree: Pork & prawn rice paper rolls (2 each).¬†In hindsight, I shouldn’t have had any of the peanut dipping sauce.

Main: DIY chargrilled chicken rice paper rolls. I gave the larger pieces of chicken to Mr S, and left a portion of noodles on the plate. All the salad leaves, mint & veggies were eaten though.

Tomorrow – Sunday. Rest day!! We have a 3rd birthday party to attend, and lots of things to do. I’m returning to work on Monday (red flag alert!), after 5 weeks leave, so I need to get myself organised. Work outfits & gym outfits ready, daycare clothes for Miss E ready, snacks & lunch ready, gym bag ready, house relatively clean & tidy. The main thing for me will be prepping food the night before, this is VITAL!

So I think I did OK navigating my first restaurant dining out experience, but next time I will take more care to count my serves, and steer clear of the sauce! Perhaps I could have made a bunch of rolls at once, and then I would have a visual of the volume I was eating.

Keep smiling!

12WBT Blogger Challenge 2

Challenge #2: Tell me or show me! When and where do you workout? Are you doing anything different this round? Or is it your first time exercising? Is there anything that you’d like to do, but have not yet done?

I work out at the gym (group fitness classes). So far the plan is Monday = Pump, Tuesday = Combat, Wednesday = Pump, Thursday = RPM, Friday = Pilates. However my schedule is going to change next week when I return to p/t work (Mon-Tue-Wed).

I also exercise weekly at netball. I play GS (goal shooter), and I’ve played for many years.

And I also exercise at home¬†on the treadmill, or with one of Michelle’s¬†exercise DVDs.

And, because I like to mix it up a bit, I’m also planning to train with Motivate Me Personal Training, by doing a group training session for my SSS. They also offer Boxing on a Thurs night, which sounds good to me (more appealling than RPM let me say…)

My weekly training looks like this:

Mon – Pump or ‘Tight Toned Terrific’ DVD¬†(toning)
Tue – Combat or run or ‘Seek & Destroy Cardio Kicker’ DVD (cardio)
Wed – Pump or ‘Tight Toned Terrific’ DVD (toning) and Netball
Thur – Boxing or RPM or run or ‘Seek & Destroy Cardio Kicker’ DVD (cardio)
Fri – Pilates (core & flexibility)
Sat – Super Saturday Session -SSS (group training & either run or DVD)
Sun – rest

This round I am going to the gym MUCH more frequently! It’s nice to actually USE something I’m already paying for. I need to be flexible because we have a toddler and anyone who has kids will know, things don’t always go the way you plan! I really enjoy my pump classes, but once I’m back at work, it will sometimes depend on the traffic as to whether I get there on time to do the class. So that sucks.

This isn’t¬†my first time exercising, I’ve played netball for many years, and last round I ran in 2 fun runs (5km & 4km). But I haven’t been someone who exercises regularly¬†–¬†until now! So I guess you could say I am a first-time serious exerciser.

I’d like to try abseiling soon, I have done it once before in primary school and I vaguely remember enjoying it (I’m not even going to try to count how many years its been!). There is a discount deal on at the moment for a 2-hour abseiling package, so I’m going to do¬†it! Currently trying to rope in encourage¬†some family members/friends to do it with me!

Image Source

¬†Another new thing I’d like to do is a PIP training session as my mini milestone. This is a large group training session, and they usually organise something EXTRA special (read: challenging) for the mini milestones.

I can already feel my fitness improving, even though I have missed a couple of sessions (and the whole of Week 1 due to illness). I am actually looking forward to running my 1km time trial again (can’t believe I just said that!).

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