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Day 39 – Cupcakes!

I spent most of today making some surprise cupcakes for Mothers Group afternoon tea, to welcome our newest member! I’m really pleased they turned out well, as I only decided to do them yesterday. It was a last minute decision, but the girls loved it! And, I’m pleased to report that I didn’t have a single taste of any of it 🙂  There are leftover iced cupcakes in the fridge, but I won’t be deciding to have one unless I’ve figured out the calories.

I did well throughout Mothers Group! I had my peppermint tea, and a few strawberries, and munched on a muesli bar on my way home. I’m hosting next week, so I’ll be able to do my healthy snacks then. But I didn’t do any exercise… *sigh* staying up until 2am preparing cream cheese frosting and making fondant shapes makes for a very tired mummy.

(‘New You’ Journal)

Poached eggs on avocado toast

Roast beef & beetroot sandwich

Pasta & meatballs

Tomorrow – Friday. Still don’t have a Pilates DVD, so it’s either the 10:30 class or a rest day. Then a 12WBT dinner (red flag alert!) in the evening. I’ve already checked out the menu, and decided my meal, and there is enough room in my meal plan to fit in a vodka 🙂



Day 36 – Lunch Mishaps

I’m still amazed at the changes I’ve made in such a short time. But there are still plenty of things to improve too!

This morning I didn’t have time to make my breakfast or lunch, so I grabbed a banana bread slice and pasta & meatballs from the freezer. Done. It is such a life-saver having ready-to-eat meals in the freezer! If you haven’t done a cook-up yet, or stocked up on freezer meals, I highly recommend it 🙂

So I arrive at work, only to realise I’ve left my lunch bag in the car with Mr S!! (Insert expletives here). It has my lunch and snacks and water bottle…

By this stage I was really getting hungry, so I bought a coffee and a slice of banana bread and a bottle of water. I spread about 1 teaspoon of the butter on, cut it in half, and ate one half. The other half was just sitting there… I started thinking ‘It’s ok I could just eat it….’. So I gave it away to a colleague before that little voice could convince me!! HA!

I had a low-fat cereal bar in my handbag, so I was covered for a morning snack. For lunch I had Subway, and I bought a banana for afternoon snack, along with some peppermint tea I had at work. It might be a good idea to start a stash of healthy snacks at work!

…. or just not forget my lunch again 🙂

I was sooo tired today, it felt like a hangover…. Slight headache. Inability to think straight. *Sigh* I need to make sleep a priority. I read something I really liked recently: EAT CLEAN; TRAIN HARD; SLEEP HARDER.

Walking is still painful due to my sore calves. Trying to stretch them often. Yep, that was me standing at the printer stretching my calves!! Lol

In other news, I’m finding that my work clothes are fitting better, or even looking too big and quite baggy!! My pants keep undoing themselves because there’s nothing there to hold them taught!

Pump was a different session tonight, not the one I’m used to. Not sure I’m a fan, as I didn’t burn as many calories. Hope they do the ‘normal’ one on Wednesday.

(‘New You’ Journal)

Banana bread & coffee. Unfortunately the calorie book was no help at all for the bread. I ended up looking on myfitnesspal, and taking an average of a couple of those entries, and then halved it as I only ate half. Let’s just call it a guesstimate 🙂  I’ve probably way under-estimated but it’s too late now!

Subway. Roast chicken on multigrain with Swiss cheese & honey mustard sauce.

Mushroom & basil risotto w baby spinach. This is another favourite, we really should have it more often!

Tomorrow – Tuesday. I have work and then 5:30pm Step class, or if the traffic prevents that, I’ll do a 5km run on the treadmill. I’ve officially signed up for the J2J 5km run on Sunday, so some practise would be good. I did my last 5km fun run in 45:08 minutes, so hopefully I will be quicker than that!


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