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Day 42 – Race Day!!

I was up early for the race, but I had slept longer than planned, so left in a rush (lucky I’d pre-packed my bag & snacks & outfit!). Mr S decided to stay home (my last 2 fun runs he & Miss E have come along in support). I’m glad as it turned out to be a cold, windy day. I’d offered a lift to a local 12WBT friend, and she & I drove straight to the race. We got there in plenty of time to park, collect my race bib and then meet up with some other 12WBT members, and we all chatted and took a few group photos while waiting for the 10km racers to line up.

When those doing the 10km left to prepare for their start, I bought a coffee and found a seat, trying to stay warm. It was a miserable overcast and windy day. I found out a few previous 12WBT members were also doing the 5km, so I met up with them and chatted for a while. I was glad for the company at the start of the race!

Here I am a few minutes before the start 🙂

So I’m very pleased to report that I smashed my goal to finish in 40 minutes! I ran 5km (including hills!) in 35:44!! That is 9:24 faster than my last 5km!! I’m quite chuffed 😀 And I didn’t stop the WHOLE way! The only times I slowed right down was to grab some water from the volunteers.

After the race there were a few groups meeting to get coffee and warm up indoors, but as I knew there were things to get done at home, I declined to join them. I really wanted to though… next time!

There are already plans for the next fun run! It’s in 5 weeks, and is 2 km, 6km or 10km! If I do anything, it will be the 6km. I’m not ready for 10km yet!

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and blogging. I was too drained for any more exercise (excuse alert), and I needed the time to prepare for the week ahead.

(‘New You’ Journal)

Bacon & egg burrito

Chicken & grape salad w goat’s fetta & walnuts. I LOVE this salad! It has lots of rocket, which I’m not a huge fan of, but the grapes provide some sweetness, and the chicken and fetta and tosted walnuts….. YUM!

Proscuitto & rocket pizza with cherry tomatoes

Tomorrow – Monday. Back to work, then 6:30pm Pump. Actually I’m not sure if I should do the class, as my shoulder has been giving me some pain. I’ll see how it goes throughout the day. I would prefer to still go, as I’ve been now for 5 weeks in a row!

I am looking forward to my weigh-in this week 😉

How was your weekend?



Day 41 – Housework

Today we spent the day doing washing & housework. We also did the meal planning, fridge/freezer/pantry stocktake, and grocery shopping.

No training today, as I don’t want to be fatigued for the 5km run tomorrow morning.

Gee I hope your Saturday was more exciting than mine!

(‘New You’ Journal)

Breakfast frittata w avocado toast. Didn’t really enjoy this one, the omelette is much nicer.

Steak sandwich

Creamy beef with mushrooms

Tomorrow – Sunday. Up at 5AM, for the run!!! Then doing some grocery shopping (stuff I forgot to add to the list this morning), and then home to prepare for the week ahead. Also thinking of doing the 4:30pm Body Attack class, to get to 1000 calories total burn!


Day 34 – SSS

YAY for another successful Super Saturday Session!!!

I made it to the gym for 8:30am Step, then stayed on for 9:30am Pump, then went home and did a short run on the tready to get to 1000 calories.
Total calorie burn = 1053!!!! Yeah baby 😀

I only just made it into the Step class, and as a result I had to go right up the front so it was difficult to follow the steps. I was soo uncoordinated! And wow, I haven’t done a Step class in ages, and it is HARD!! I burnt 633 calories in the 1 hour! Pump was great, as usual, and I learned that if I’m not puffed and shaky at the end of each track, then I need to increase the weight. Goodness! So I’ll see how that goes on Monday.

Oh and I realised why I have found running on the treadmill so difficult lately – it was on an INCLINE!! So that has been fixed, and now I can run longer and faster. Lol. Wish I’d found that sooner!

Still undecided on doing the J2J 5km run this coming weekend. I haven’t done much running training lately. I have to decide by 10 July though, so time is running out. I probably will do it, because I know if I don’t I’ll regret missing the opportunity. The run starts at 8:30am, and goes along the beachfront, so let’s hope the weather stays great.

(‘New You’ Journal)

Banana bruschetta

Baked beans & poached eggs on avocado toast

Roast hazelnut bar. I picked this up at Woolies, and at 144 calories, it hits the spot for any sweets craving!

Cajun chicken. This is one of my most favourite meals!! It’s delicious!

Tomorrow – Sunday. I’ve committed myself to doing another 7am Pain in Paradise session, eeeeep! Other than that we are just preparing for the week ahead, and Mr S will be watching the V8 Supercars.


Day 31 – Dirty joggers & SOO3

TGIF!… well Friday for me anyway.

But, unfortunately my workplace is in turmoil at the moment. We are having to consider our options because apparently the government is in serious debt, and they intend to cut jobs. So much for job security heh. I don’t know what’s going to happen, or when, or what we’ll do if I’m approached 😦

It’s at this stage of the week that I start making lists of all the things I’d like to get done on my ‘home’ days. Sometimes the reality is I only achieve about half of the list – if that! Maybe I should start limiting my lists. I wish I was one of those highly productive-type people who get everything done all the time.

The plan for today was to do the 5:30pm Pump class, but I realised while at work that I’d forgotten to pack my joggers in my gym bag. The reason I didn’t add them when I was packing it is that they are dirty. But now I realise I could have just put them into a plastic bag or even cleaned them! A while later (it took me a while!), I realised I COULD still do the class in my socks! There isn’t any running or anything, it’s lifting weights. But then the traffic was heavy, and we didn’t get there in time. So instead I did Michelle’s Tight Toned & Terrific DVD and a 15 minute run/walk on the tready.

Tonight was the deciding game of the State of Origin series, and we’re very happy that QLD has won again! That’s now 7 years in a row. WOW! But I really feel for the NSW players and supporters, it was a close game (21-20), and they must be devastated to have lost again.

(‘New You’ Journal)

Scrambled eggs with salmon & avocado. This is fast becoming my new favourite breakfast!!

Pasta & meatballs. I keep nearly forgetting to take the photo :S

Prawn & fetta pizza. We swapped this meal from Friday night to today because there’s just something about eating pizza and watching footy!

Tomorrow – Thursday. I have Mother’s Group in the afternoon (we’re all catching up together for the first time in a few months! And meeting our friends new little man, now 7 weeks old!), then either 5:30pm Boxing or 6pm RPM.


Day 28 – Sparta 300 & Date Night!

What a long day! I was up at 5:30am for the group workout. Met some lovely new 12WBT ladies, and we drove there together, chatting the whole way. The workout was good, not as hard as I thought it would be! After a few warm-up activities, the main part of the workout was a series of exercises totalling 300. In teams of 3 we had to do 50 of each exercise (as a team, not individually!), with a sprint/run in-between each set. Squats, push-ups, mountain climbers, crunches, burpies, and something else I can’t remember. So it was 17 each, per exercise. And we went through that TWICE! I don’t think I’ve ever done so many squats in one day.

The breakfast was nice, a spread of good healthy options: fresh fruit, muesli bar slice, banana bread, yoghurt & fruit, and juice. (After staying up making banana bread last night, I bloody forgot to take it with me! Lucky there was plenty to go around). We tried to hunt down a coffee cart in the park, without success. So we stopped for coffees on the way home.

Our Date Night was lovely, and Miss E was very well behaved! I’m so relieved. Until now, we’ve only had my sister Mim do babysitting for us. I wasn’t sure how Miss E would respond to new carers, and us being away for hours. But she was fine, YAY!

So I made some popcorn for the movie, but then in our rush to leave the house I didn’t have time to weigh it 😦 And I ate it anyway. So I did some reseach here, which says 1 cup of air-popped popcorn is 31 calories. I started with 3 tablespoons of kernels, and it looked to be about 3 cups approx.

For dinner I chose the seafood mixed grill, and I think it was a good choice. There wasn’t that much meat once it was prepared, although I didn’t cook it all at once and plate it together for a visual. However I do suspect I had a few too many plank chips. Next time I will decide how many I’ll allow myself to have, and then make the rest disappear out of sight. And I forgot to ask for the dressing on the side of the salad. So the calories here are a bit of an educated guess. Perhaps I could have taken my kitchen scales with me?? LOL. I didn’t feel like I’d over-eaten, so it’s all good.

I am pleased to have resisted the garlic bread that Mr S had for starters though!

(‘New You’ Journal)

Lentil & beetroot salad w ricotta

Seafood Mixed Grill. Prawns, Moreton Bay bug, scallops, salmon & a seafood sauce, with chips & greek salad. In the foreground is the square hot stone that we cook on, and to the left of that is a column of sauces.

Death by Chocolate. I had one spoon, with a bit of everything on it. And when Mr S was finished, I also scraped up some of the chocolate sauce. My willpower muscle is getting STRONG!!

Tomorrow – Monday. Planning to do the 6:30pm Pump class, and I intend to have squeaky clean nutrition for the next few days. Weigh-in is Wednesday, and I’m not very confident of a good result.


PST7 Fitness Test

(The perfectionist side of me was insisting that I post my PST (pre-season tasks) in order, but I want to update on my most recent fitness test, so stuff the order!)

I completed the Week 1 Fitness Test on Saturday 9 June, after putting it off due to illness. This isn’t my slowest 1km time trial, so that is surprising (seeing as I wasn’t well). My last 1km time trial was on 18 Feb, and it was done in 6:58. Mr S claims my push-ups were dodgy, but I didn’t have the strength to re-do them. Looking forward to improving my results in Week 4, have already scheduled the next one into my diary on 30 June.

I’d say these results place me in the edge of Beginner & Intermediate.

  1. 1km time trial: 6:50 (intermediate)
  2. push-ups: 23 (intermediate)
  3. ab strength: 0 (beginner)
  4. wall sit: 0:30 (beginner)
  5. sit & reach: +20cm (advanced)

I’m going to stick with the Beginner program for now.

Day 21 – Ahhhh rest day

Sometimes I wish I could be 3 again. To not have to deal with the responsibilities of adulthood. What a joy that would be. I don’t recall being in a particular hurry to grow up, but now… how I wish I had savoured those carefree days more!

I attended another red flag event today (our friend’s sons 3rd birthday party), and successfully avoided cake, soft cheese and crackers, & chocolate slice. I prepared my lunch early, and took it to the party. I ate most of it at home afterwards, but it was there at the party if I needed it.

Image Source

Poached eggs w salmon & avocado toast. I think I need to have a close look at why I think I need to have 2 eggs. That second egg really eats into my snack allowance!

Salmon cases w salad. I had 2 salmon quiche thingies; I munched on one during the party, and ate the rest once we arrived home. I will definitely make these again; they are perfect for a picnic, or a morning tea, and are super easy to make.

Wholemeal crumpet w strawberry jam. I’m not used to the sugar in this! The belly had a bit of a gurgle afterwards.

Lamb steaks with cauliflower mash & beans. We weren’t sure on the mash. Are you meant to drain the stock first? Delicious though! We didn’t buy cutlets as they are too expensive.

Tomorrow – Monday. It’s my first day back at work after 5 weeks off (red flag alert!).

Lunch & snacks packed – check.
Clothes & shoes ready – check.
Gym bag ready – check.
Handbag packed & ready – check. Including ID and access card.
Breakfast recipe & dry ingredients ready – check.
Do I remember my password to log-on? – check. Yes I do! Lol
In bed early – needs improvement.

The new plan is to do the 6:30pm Pump class on Mondays and the 5:30pm Pump class on Wednesdays (unless it clashes with netball and if so I’ll do the Toning DVD instead), with cardio training Tuesdays & Thursdays, and core/flexibility on Fridays. My super cardio session will be either Saturday or Sunday (preferably Saturday unless it is a milestone week). Sunday will continue to be Rest Day, unless it is a milestone week.

So I am failing spectacularly on the ‘fowl’ challenge – I will update the last few days soon. Although now that I’m back at work, I really really do have to get to sleep earlier.

I can’t believe we are at Week 4 already!! This is a milestone week, which means we re-do the fitness test & measurements we did in Week 1. I’ll be doing mine on Saturday, exactly 3 weeks since I did them last. Looking forward to seeing some improvements!

I have updated my goals, seeing as I achieved my 1 month goal 2 weeks early. I’ve tried to keep it realistic though. I’m not expecting another 5.1kg in 2.5 weeks!

I hope your weekend didn’t feel as fast as mine did.

A quick hello to my new followers!! I plan to visit your blogs sometime this week, and will say ‘hi’ while I’m there 🙂

Keep smiling

Day 20 – SSS Success!

Hello Everyone!

How is your weekend going so far?

The group fitness class was cancelled due to illness, so my SSS plans had to change. Instead of giving up like I have in the past, I did the entire workout at home alone! It took 2 hours, but I did it! Mr S & Miss E were out doing the grocery shopping, and I did Michelle’s Seek & Destroy Cardio Kicker DVD (minus cool down), and then her Super Shredder Circuit DVD (minus cool down), then a 25 minute run/walk on the treadmill, then the Super Shredder cool down & stretch. Total burn = 1,126 calories! AWESOME!

I was surprised I didn’t need to do the lower impact moves, for jumping jacks & jumping squats (which shows my fitness is improving!). Although I did do the alternative for the plyometric lunges, I struggle with my balance for a basic lunge.

Tonight we went out to a Vietnamese restaurant for dinner with a group of friends. We weren’t able to find a sitter, so we took Miss E with us! She was very well behaved (some new sticker books and the iPad kept her occupied), and we were able to enjoy our meal, which was lovely. I’m not sure on the calorie count for my meal (I may have even over-estimated), but it was all healthy stuff.

Image Source

Mushroom & onion omelette. This was so yummy and filling! I’m starting to understand why people love omelettes! I was cooking for 1, so I split the recipe. It needed 1.5 eggs, and 1.5 egg whites, so I just used 2 of each. So the calories should be a bit higher on this one.

Turkey & Swiss cheese wrap w cranberries

Vietnamese rice paper rolls. Not sure on the calories, and I forgot to count how many I had. But I don’t feel like I’ve over-eaten. And I’ve burned extra calories today anyway, so I’m sure it will be fine.

Entree: Pork & prawn rice paper rolls (2 each). In hindsight, I shouldn’t have had any of the peanut dipping sauce.

Main: DIY chargrilled chicken rice paper rolls. I gave the larger pieces of chicken to Mr S, and left a portion of noodles on the plate. All the salad leaves, mint & veggies were eaten though.

Tomorrow – Sunday. Rest day!! We have a 3rd birthday party to attend, and lots of things to do. I’m returning to work on Monday (red flag alert!), after 5 weeks leave, so I need to get myself organised. Work outfits & gym outfits ready, daycare clothes for Miss E ready, snacks & lunch ready, gym bag ready, house relatively clean & tidy. The main thing for me will be prepping food the night before, this is VITAL!

So I think I did OK navigating my first restaurant dining out experience, but next time I will take more care to count my serves, and steer clear of the sauce! Perhaps I could have made a bunch of rolls at once, and then I would have a visual of the volume I was eating.

Keep smiling!

12WBT Blogger Challenge 2

Challenge #2: Tell me or show me! When and where do you workout? Are you doing anything different this round? Or is it your first time exercising? Is there anything that you’d like to do, but have not yet done?

I work out at the gym (group fitness classes). So far the plan is Monday = Pump, Tuesday = Combat, Wednesday = Pump, Thursday = RPM, Friday = Pilates. However my schedule is going to change next week when I return to p/t work (Mon-Tue-Wed).

I also exercise weekly at netball. I play GS (goal shooter), and I’ve played for many years.

And I also exercise at home on the treadmill, or with one of Michelle’s exercise DVDs.

And, because I like to mix it up a bit, I’m also planning to train with Motivate Me Personal Training, by doing a group training session for my SSS. They also offer Boxing on a Thurs night, which sounds good to me (more appealling than RPM let me say…)

My weekly training looks like this:

Mon – Pump or ‘Tight Toned Terrific’ DVD (toning)
Tue – Combat or run or ‘Seek & Destroy Cardio Kicker’ DVD (cardio)
Wed – Pump or ‘Tight Toned Terrific’ DVD (toning) and Netball
Thur – Boxing or RPM or run or ‘Seek & Destroy Cardio Kicker’ DVD (cardio)
Fri – Pilates (core & flexibility)
Sat – Super Saturday Session -SSS (group training & either run or DVD)
Sun – rest

This round I am going to the gym MUCH more frequently! It’s nice to actually USE something I’m already paying for. I need to be flexible because we have a toddler and anyone who has kids will know, things don’t always go the way you plan! I really enjoy my pump classes, but once I’m back at work, it will sometimes depend on the traffic as to whether I get there on time to do the class. So that sucks.

This isn’t my first time exercising, I’ve played netball for many years, and last round I ran in 2 fun runs (5km & 4km). But I haven’t been someone who exercises regularly – until now! So I guess you could say I am a first-time serious exerciser.

I’d like to try abseiling soon, I have done it once before in primary school and I vaguely remember enjoying it (I’m not even going to try to count how many years its been!). There is a discount deal on at the moment for a 2-hour abseiling package, so I’m going to do it! Currently trying to rope in encourage some family members/friends to do it with me!

Image Source

 Another new thing I’d like to do is a PIP training session as my mini milestone. This is a large group training session, and they usually organise something EXTRA special (read: challenging) for the mini milestones.

I can already feel my fitness improving, even though I have missed a couple of sessions (and the whole of Week 1 due to illness). I am actually looking forward to running my 1km time trial again (can’t believe I just said that!).

Day 12 – Cupcake Central

(This is a late post, it’s currently late Saturday night, but this is Friday’s update. I’ve been busy!)

Today has been full-on, and I am EXHAUSTED! The cake show was great, I actually enjoyed it more that I thought I would. Even Miss E was wowing and ahhing at all the pretty cakes. I didn’t take enough water out with me today, and consequently didn’t drink enough, and had a headache, and started to feel really congested again. You know it’s getting bad when you lean or bend over to get something, and you can feel the pressure in your head increase… 😦

OMG lasagne FAIL! (Will I EVER get to make this lasagne!!?) I was pulling out the ingredients, all ready to make it, and we didn’t have all the ingredients needed, so I had to change plans again. I think there might be gremlins in our shopping list system or something. So I packed ingredients for a salad sandwich instead.

I didn’t do my workout today 😦  My intention was to do it in the evening when Mr S was home, perhaps while the cupcakes were cooking. But at the end of the day there just wasn’t enough time. Mr S went out with a mate to see a movie (I had forgotten he was going out), and I couldn’t start the cupcakes until later than I anticipated (and they took much longer than I thought, as I’m still learning). I don’t know what I should have done differently, but I do think having an ‘unscheduled’ workout i.e. not a group class or appointment with friends, is risky. I need to treat it like an appointment. I’m disappointed that I didn’t do it, but also very proud of my efforts in going to the gym 4 days in a row!!! I think that is a sterling effort, and I just need to be consisent and keep going. I also need to introduce Miss E to the gym creche, because pending other comittments, the Pilates class on Fridays would work really well.

Image Source

Banana Bruschetta. One word. YUM!

Cheese & salad sandwich. Very proud that I didn’t just go and buy food there, like I would in the past 🙂  Well actually I did buy some food for Miss E, after she had eaten all the food I brought for her. I bought a plate of pickelets with jam & cream, and a sausage roll, total cost $4.50 bargain! Miss E had the pikelets with jam, but wasn’t interested in the sausage roll. Pepper had a few bites, and the rest went in the bin. Now usually I would have scoffed the leftovers, rather than chuck them out. But not anymore!

Turkey & cheese wrap with cranberries. Yes, for dinner! Mr S was out, and I didn’t feel like cooking. I do have some frozen meals, but I decided to go with a quick & yummy wrap.

Tomorrow – Saturday. Well. I had planned to do my SSS (Super Saturday Session), and aim for the first time ever, to burn 1000 calories in one day! I was going to do a 4km run on the treadmill, and then a group training class with some 12WBT friends. But, given that I was up very late making & decorating 36 cupcakes, and didn’t get to sleep until 3AM, I decided then that the SSS wasn’t going to happen this week. Plus my head cold/flu has resurfaced, and I needed the sleep.

Tomorrow also brings a family BBQ, I am looking forward to spending some time with my family! I’ve planned my meals & snacks, and will eat lunch (salad), and then munch on my snacks throughout the afternoon, so I’m not tempted by any nibblies.

My ‘high 5’  for today is sticking to my meal plan while out for most of the day!! Although there were no cake tastings on offer afterall – I was almost disappointed! lol

Three cheers for the weekend!!!!


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