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Day 50 – Cake Central

<<This is just a quick update – back to regular blogging soon!>>

No pump today ūüė¶ I missed the class for the first time, after 6 weeks in a row. I made the decision not to go because of my workload to get my next cake finished. I planned an evening of baking, preparing ganache & molding rice bubble treats, but Miss E woke and was unconsolable unless Mummy was holding her. So I didn’t get much done in the end.

(‘New You’ Journal)

Banana bread & coffee

Subway: roast chicken on multigrain with swiss cheese & honey mustard sauce

Steak & mushroom sauce

Tomorrow – Tuesday. Work, and then dinner and then more cakey stuff! I’m attempting a few new techniques, so it’s a learning process ūüôā

After doing a sneaky peek weigh-in this morning, I’m now 200g away from achieving my new goal!!! Will I get there by¬†Wednesday morning?



Day 43 – Surfing emotions

<< ARRGH!! I have a week’s worth of updates to catch up on! Sometimes life gets¬†so busy, my plate gets¬†too full and blogging falls out of my scope of ability. But I have missed it, and have felt disorganised and not as accountable. I’m still going strong, and¬†do intend to catch up ASAP!! So some of the next few updates might be¬†short & sweet while I catch up, but I will be back to regular programming soon!>>

Today after work I was so tired, and started debating with myself whether to do Pump or not…. (warning, warning!!!!)

We have a rental inspection this week, and I’ve been exercising and working so much, the housework has been neglected. As a result I have a lot of work to do, in a very short space of time. Mr S gave me some encouragement to do the class, and I knew that I would be glad I did it, and regretful if I didn’t. So I JFDI’d, got dressed, and did it.

When I arrived the class was packed, and I had to find a spot to squeeze in. The thought did cross my mind to turn around and go home again, but I quickly dismissed it. It felt good to have done it even when I didn’t feel like it.

I’m going through some personal stuff at the moment, which just made me feel like flopping onto the couch in a sulk and eating chocolate. I even eyed off the chocolate fundraising box at work.. didn’t have any, but I looked semi-longingly!

But I remember Mish’s advice and recognise that these are just emotions, and they will come and go. I ride this wave of sad feelings, and I know that new feelings will come by soon enough.

<<So while I do record all my food intake in detail each day, I can’t for the life of me find my notes for this day. I think I may have accidentally deleted them. So while there are conspicuous gaps in my food diary, I promise I was eating clean!!!>>

(‘New You’ Journal)

Strawberry bruschetta

Bunless burger with bun

Tomorrow – Tuesday. Work, and then 5:30pm Step class.


Day 38 – Pump AND Netball… PumpBall!

Today was a loooong day, but I got through it. I was up early for work, did Pump¬†& played netball, and then I was up late making cupcake frosting & decorations. I’m making some (last minute) surprise cupcakes for Mothers Group tomorrow,¬†to celebrate the arrival of our¬†newest member! Stay tuned for pics ūüôā

Pump was good, I went a bit heavier again. However I now know that 7.5kg for the bicep track is too much! But 7.5kg for the chest track is OK. 10kg for the legs is hard, but doable. 2kg for the tricep extensions is shaky but doable.
I want my arms to be BUFF!!

And netball was fantastic! We all played really well, and won 49-22. I’m starting to feel fitter, and therefore I play better, LOVE it!!!!!

(‘New You’ Journal)

Banana bruschetta. Actually made this at work, as we were running late.

Roast beef & beetroot sandwich

Cajun Chicken. The BEST YUMMIEST MEAL ever!

Tomorrow – Thursday. I have an appointment in the morning, and then 2pm Mothers Group (red flag alert!). I’m not hosting until next week, so I’ll need to be well prepared with my snacks. I’ll also need to resist the cupcakes, I know I can do it, I’ve done it before!

Then either 5:30pm Boxing, or 6pm RPM, or a treadmill run.


Day 36 – Lunch Mishaps

I’m still amazed at the changes I’ve made in such a short time. But there are still plenty of things to improve too!

This morning I didn’t have time to make¬†my breakfast or lunch, so I¬†grabbed a banana bread slice¬†and pasta & meatballs from the freezer. Done. It is such a life-saver having ready-to-eat meals in the freezer! If you haven’t done a cook-up yet, or stocked up on freezer meals, I highly recommend it ūüôā

So I arrive at work, only to realise I’ve left my lunch bag in the car with Mr S!! (Insert expletives here). It has my lunch and snacks and water bottle…

By this stage I was¬†really getting hungry, so I bought a coffee and a slice of banana bread¬†and a bottle of water. I spread about 1 teaspoon of the butter on, cut it in half, and ate one half. The other half was just sitting there… I started thinking ‘It’s ok I could just eat it….’. So I gave it away to a colleague before that little voice could convince me!! HA!

I had a low-fat cereal bar in my handbag, so I was covered for a morning snack. For lunch I had Subway, and I bought a banana for afternoon snack, along with some peppermint tea I had at work. It might be a good idea to start a stash of healthy snacks at work!

…. or just not forget my lunch again ūüôā

I was sooo tired today, it felt like a hangover….¬†Slight headache. Inability to think straight. *Sigh* I need to make sleep a priority. I read something I really liked recently: EAT CLEAN; TRAIN HARD; SLEEP HARDER.

Walking is still painful due to my sore calves. Trying to stretch them often. Yep, that was me standing at the printer stretching my calves!! Lol

In other news, I’m finding that my work clothes are fitting better, or even looking too big and quite baggy!! My pants keep undoing themselves because there’s nothing there to hold them taught!

Pump was a different session tonight, not the one I’m used to. Not sure I’m a fan, as I didn’t burn as many calories. Hope they do the ‘normal’ one on Wednesday.

(‘New You’ Journal)

Banana bread & coffee. Unfortunately the calorie book was no help at all for the bread.¬†I ended up looking on myfitnesspal, and taking an average of a couple of those entries, and then halved it as I only ate half. Let’s just call it a guesstimate ūüôā¬† I’ve probably way under-estimated but it’s too late now!

Subway. Roast chicken on multigrain with Swiss cheese & honey mustard sauce.

Mushroom & basil risotto w baby spinach. This is another favourite, we really should have it more often!

Tomorrow – Tuesday. I have work and then 5:30pm Step class, or if the traffic prevents that, I’ll do a 5km run on the treadmill. I’ve officially signed up for the J2J 5km run on Sunday, so some practise would be good. I did my last 5km fun run in 45:08 minutes, so hopefully I will be quicker than that!


Day 35 – Planning & preparing

Sunday, rest day!!

Well. I did say I was going to do another PIP group training session at 7am. But after just 5 hours of broken sleep, and all-over soreness from my SSS, and really really painful calves from Step (I’m nearly limping!)… well, I turned off my alarm and slept in to 9am! Whoops. I suspect it was unrealistic to think I could back up and do another session so soon. I do wish I’d gone though. I’d like to get out there and meet more 12WBT people. Anyway, there’s always next week. But I do like my rest days..

So no training today, but the meal planning & shopping for next week is done.

(‘New You’ Journal)

Bacon & egg burrito. YUM! I don’t have bacon that often, and I forget how tasty it is. Today it was¬†nice & crispy, with soft eggs & wrap.

Ham cases with salad. These are usually made with smoked salmon, but we only had ham. Just as good I reckon!

Crumbed fish with sweet potato wedges

Chocolate & peppermint tea. I think I’m actually starting to like peppermint tea! Especially with CHOCOLATE!!! YUM.

Tomorrow РMonday. I have work, and then the 6:30pm Pump class. Home in time for toddler bedtime, and dinner, and then into bed EARLY.

This next week is a busy one, and looks like this:

Monday – work & 6:30pm Pump
Tuesday – work & 5:30pm Step
Wednesday – work & 5:30pm Pump & 9:20pm Netball
Thursday – 10am appointment & 2pm Mothers Group (I think I’m hosting) & 6pm RPM
Friday – 10:30am Pilates & 7pm 12WBT dinner
Saturday Р9am TBT (tummy, butt, thighs) class & possible GNO (girls night out!)
Sunday РSSS: 8:30am Jetty 2 Jetty 5km fun run & MB Cardio DVDs

My checklist for the next week looks like this:

  • Toddler¬†meals (x3) planned & reminder set to take them to daycare – DONE
  • Toddler clothes laid out (x3) – DONE
  • Work clothes ironed & ready (at least 3 outfits) – DONE
  • Gym clothes ready (4 sets: Mon-Thur) – DONE
  • Gym bag packed – DONE
  • Week 6 daily meals & snacks planned & journals ready (7 days) – DONE
  • Daily post template ready – DONE
  • Lunch pre-made & frozen where possible

I haven’t yet made my lunch for tomorrow, and I will have to make it in the morning. I’ll also swap the lunch I had planned, with one that is faster to prepare.

Phew! So… 7 days of training. Can I do it???

How is your week shaping up?


Day 34 – SSS

YAY for another successful Super Saturday Session!!!

I made it to the gym for 8:30am Step, then stayed on for 9:30am Pump, then went home and did a short run on the tready to get to 1000 calories.
Total calorie burn = 1053!!!! Yeah baby ūüėÄ

I only just made it into the Step class,¬†and as a result I¬†had to go right up the front so it was difficult to follow the steps. I was soo uncoordinated! And wow, I haven’t done a Step class in ages, and it is HARD!! I burnt¬†633 calories in the 1 hour! Pump was great, as usual, and I learned that if I’m not puffed and shaky at the end of each¬†track, then I need to increase the weight. Goodness! So I’ll see how that goes on Monday.

Oh and I realised why I have found running on the treadmill so difficult lately – it was on an INCLINE!! So that has been fixed, and now I can run longer and faster. Lol. Wish I’d found that sooner!

Still undecided on doing the J2J 5km run¬†this coming weekend. I haven’t done much running training lately. I have to decide by 10 July though, so time is running out. I probably will do it, because I know if I don’t I’ll regret missing the opportunity. The run starts at 8:30am, and goes along the beachfront, so let’s hope the weather stays great.

(‘New You’ Journal)

Banana bruschetta

Baked beans & poached eggs on avocado toast

Roast hazelnut bar. I picked this up at Woolies, and at 144 calories, it hits the spot for any sweets craving!

Cajun chicken. This is one of my most favourite meals!! It’s delicious!

Tomorrow – Sunday. I’ve committed myself to doing another 7am Pain in Paradise session, eeeeep! Other than that we are just preparing for the week ahead, and Mr S will be watching the V8 Supercars.


Day 33 – Home Central

Today was a quiet day at home. I think I may have spent half the day in my pyjamas as well. (Oh.. Um… maybe I shouldn’t admit to that!)

I was able to catch up on some blogging, so that was good. I think I am finally caught up!! There are still a few posts in progress, including recording my Pre-Season Tasks.

I regularly swap items in the meal plan, where there is a recipe that doesn’t appeal to us. But today I think I over did it on bread. I realise now I had 5 slices throughout the day! Surely that is too many carbs.. Whoops.

(‘New You’ Journal)

Poached eggs with smoked salmon & avocado. I didn’t have enough smoked salmon (by less than half), so I didn’t count the extra egg yolk. I also had my snack with breakfast… is that bad?

Banana Bruschetta. Yes, this is perfectly normal, having breakfast for lunch!! I wanted something quick & easy, and we have ripe bananas that need eating.

Tuna spaghetti with lemon & cherry tomatoes. This is surprisingly yummy, so clean & fresh!

Tomorrow – Saturday. It’s my SUPER SATURDAY SESSION!!!! Now since I haven’t done any exercise at all since Wednesday, I’m feeling the pressure to burn some serious calories tomorrow. SO. The plan is 8:3oam Step, then I’ll¬†stay on for 9:30am Pump. Then if I haven’t done enough for 1000 calories, I’ll jump on a treadmill.

Then I’m re-doing my fitness test in the afternoon, so hopefully I won’t be tooo sore. And I STILL haven’t done my measurements yet, so I plan to do those tomorrow.

I’m determined to be better organised for the next week ahead, so I’ve made a¬†checklist of things to get done by Sunday night. I’ll be working through the list over the weekend.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!!!


PST3 Training & Gear

I will be doing mostly gym classes, with some treadmill runs, and the odd Michelle Bridges DVD. I will review my plan regularly, but at this stage it looks like this:

Monday 6:30pm Pump

Tuesday 5:30pm RPM or Step or 6:30pm Zumba

Wednesday either 5:30pm Pump or Toning DVD and Netball

Thursday 5:30pm Boxing or 6pm RPM

Friday 10:30am Pilates class or Pilates/Yoga DVD

Saturday (super session) either 8:30am Step class and/or Group Training and/or Cardio DVDs and/or treadmill run

Sunday REST

The collection of various gear I’m using on this journey:

  • iPhone – for listening to music or checking 12WBT recipes or staying in touch with 12WBT facebook groups.
  • Polar FT4 heart rate monitor – for knowing my calorie burn.
  • Asics Gel Netburners – my shoes. Purchased primarily for netball, but they do the job.
  • SpiBelt – I’ve used this during my fun runs to hold my iphone and lip balm etc (you know – the essentials!)
  • Water bottles – I have a few, and cycle them regularly – my aim is to drink 3L a day.
  • dumbbells – for doing the toning DVD at home.
  • CardioTech treadmill – for running/walking at home.

Day 31 – Dirty joggers & SOO3

TGIF!… well Friday for me anyway.

But,¬†unfortunately my workplace is in turmoil at the moment. We are having to consider our options because apparently the government is in serious debt, and they intend to cut jobs. So much for job security heh. I don’t know what’s going to happen, or when, or what we’ll do if I’m approached ūüė¶

It‚Äôs at this stage of the week that I start making lists of all the things I‚Äôd like to get done on my ‚Äėhome‚Äô days. Sometimes the reality is I only achieve about half of the list ‚Äď if that! Maybe I should start limiting my lists. I wish I was one of those highly productive-type people who get everything done all the time.

The plan for today was to do the¬†5:30pm Pump class, but I realised while at work that I’d forgotten to pack my joggers in my gym bag. The reason I didn’t add them when I was packing it is that they are dirty. But¬†now I realise I could have just put them into a plastic bag or even cleaned them! A while later (it took me a while!), I realised I COULD still do the class in my socks! There isn’t any running or anything, it’s lifting weights. But then the traffic was heavy, and we didn’t get there in time. So instead I did Michelle’s Tight Toned & Terrific DVD and a 15 minute run/walk on the tready.

Tonight was the deciding game of the State of Origin series, and we’re very happy that QLD has won again! That’s now 7 years in a row. WOW! But I really feel for the NSW players and supporters, it was a close game (21-20), and they must be devastated to have lost again.

(‘New You’ Journal)

Scrambled eggs with salmon & avocado. This is fast becoming my new favourite breakfast!!

Pasta & meatballs. I keep nearly forgetting to take the photo :S

Prawn & fetta pizza. We swapped this meal from Friday night to today because there’s just something about eating pizza and watching footy!

Tomorrow ‚Äď Thursday. I have Mother’s Group in the afternoon (we’re all catching up together for the first time in a few months! And meeting our friends new little man, now 7 weeks old!), then either 5:30pm Boxing or 6pm RPM.


Day 30 – Warning signs

Well. Today was a struggle.

I could feel the wheels starting to come off, and warning lights started flashing…

Tuesday morning: I hadn’t made my lunch,¬†we were running late, and I started¬†hearing some¬†old self-talk. ‘Oh well, I’ll just have whatever…’

So I made my ‘default’ breakfast – poached eggs on toast with cream cheese & coffee. But minus the avocado, ham and garlic & herb salt that I used to add. The plan changed because I didn’t make the time last night to prep the frozen berries for the meal I had planned.

I hadn’t even planned out my snacks for the day. I hadn’t packed my gym bag. Dinner wasn’t prepped. And we forgot to send Miss E’s dinner to daycare (so she’ll just have it later when we get home. But It makes the evening routine smoother if she’s had dinner at daycare).

What this has shown me is that I need to be MORE organised each week, and be more CONSISTENT (not my strong point). Each day needs to be planned well in advance, including snacks and enough time for meal prep (if required). And this needs to be a PRIORITY!!

Miss E was unsettled overnight, and we were both up when she woke at 4:45am. We brought her into our bed, but no-one got back to sleep ūüė¶

Today I decided to focus on getting to bed early, rather than doing my workout (excuse alert!). I had thought¬†I could still do a walk/run on the tready. But even that didn’t happen. I think getting adequate sleep is just as important as training hard, and if I keep pushing myself while I’m sleep deprived, something is going to snap. But in the end I didn’t actually get into bed any earlier *sigh*

I had a sneaky weigh-in this morning and I’m 200g up. But I choose to ignore that and just keep going. I won’t let it get me down because I know that weight¬†fluctuates (and I shouldn’t really be doing extra weigh-ins anyway).

(‘New You’ Journal)

Poached eggs on toast

Subway. It’s a 6 inch Roast Beef sub on multi-grain with Swiss cheese¬†& honey mustard sauce.

Pasta¬†& meatballs. I really like this one! I smash up the meatballs and it becomes¬†like a bolognaise. (Except it isn’t smothered¬†in grated cheese like I used to have).

Tomorrow – Wednesday. I have work, and then 5:30pm Pump class. Then it is State of Origin Game 3. The decider!! I wish I could find my SOO bunting and balloons (they are here somewhere – I put them somewhere ‘safe’! lol). I thought about making more SOO cupcakes, but I just don’t have the time. These are the ones I made for Game 1!!



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