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PST3 Training & Gear

I will be doing mostly gym classes, with some treadmill runs, and the odd Michelle Bridges DVD. I will review my plan regularly, but at this stage it looks like this:

Monday 6:30pm Pump

Tuesday 5:30pm RPM or Step or 6:30pm Zumba

Wednesday either 5:30pm Pump or Toning DVD and Netball

Thursday 5:30pm Boxing or 6pm RPM

Friday 10:30am Pilates class or Pilates/Yoga DVD

Saturday (super session) either 8:30am Step class and/or Group Training and/or Cardio DVDs and/or treadmill run

Sunday REST

The collection of various gear I’m using on this journey:

  • iPhone – for listening to music or checking 12WBT recipes or staying in touch with 12WBT facebook groups.
  • Polar FT4 heart rate monitor – for knowing my calorie burn.
  • Asics Gel Netburners – my shoes. Purchased primarily for netball, but they do the job.
  • SpiBelt – I’ve used this during my fun runs to hold my iphone and lip balm etc (you know – the essentials!)
  • Water bottles – I have a few, and cycle them regularly – my aim is to drink 3L a day.
  • dumbbells – for doing the toning DVD at home.
  • CardioTech treadmill – for running/walking at home.

PST2 Goals

These are my goals, and I’m going to look at them EVERY DAY!

My 1 month goal is to lose 5 kilograms  by 4 July 2012.  I will achieve this by following the 12WBT program for nutrition and exercise.  My reward for achieving 5 kilograms lost, is a new hair cut & style.

Update: I achieved this goal 2 weeks early on 20 June!!!  My new goal is to lose 10 kilograms by 25 July 2012.

My 3 month goal is to lose 12 kilograms by 29 August 2012.  I will achieve this by following the 12WBT program for nutrition and exercise.  My rewards for achieving 12 kilograms lost, are to climb the Story Bridge with a group of 12WBT members, and celebrate at the unofficial workout & cocktail party.

My 6 month goal is to lose 25 kilograms, by 21 November 2012, and have a fantastic 35th birthday celebration! I will achieve this by following the 12WBT program for nutrition and exercise. My rewards for achieving a 25 kilogram loss are a sunrise hot air balloon ride with my husband, and a new wardrobe.

My 12 month goal is to maintain my weight through to 5 June 2013 & beyond, and improve my overall fitness. I will achieve this by continuing to follow the 12WBT program for nutrition and exercise, by remaining active in the 12WBT community, and participating in regular fun runs. My rewards for achieving this goal are improved health, and providing a healthy role model for my family.

These are my 12WBT mini/major milestones:

Mini 1 (week 4) – Pain in Paradise Group Training Event on 1 July 2012 – DONE!

Mini 2 (week 6) – Jetty 2 Jetty 5km fun run on 15 July 2012

Mini 3 (week 8) – Pain in Paradise Group Training Event on 29 July 2012

Major 1 (week 12) – Pain in Paradise Group Training Event on 26 August 2012

Major 2 (week 13) – Bridge to Brisbane 5km fun run on 2 September 2012

PST7 Fitness Test

(The perfectionist side of me was insisting that I post my PST (pre-season tasks) in order, but I want to update on my most recent fitness test, so stuff the order!)

I completed the Week 1 Fitness Test on Saturday 9 June, after putting it off due to illness. This isn’t my slowest 1km time trial, so that is surprising (seeing as I wasn’t well). My last 1km time trial was on 18 Feb, and it was done in 6:58. Mr S claims my push-ups were dodgy, but I didn’t have the strength to re-do them. Looking forward to improving my results in Week 4, have already scheduled the next one into my diary on 30 June.

I’d say these results place me in the edge of Beginner & Intermediate.

  1. 1km time trial: 6:50 (intermediate)
  2. push-ups: 23 (intermediate)
  3. ab strength: 0 (beginner)
  4. wall sit: 0:30 (beginner)
  5. sit & reach: +20cm (advanced)

I’m going to stick with the Beginner program for now.

PST1 Get serious

I had a breakthrough recently, and while I’m not ready to discuss it openly here, it’s something I’ve wrongly believed about myself for as long as I can remember. It came about through watching the final episodes of The Biggest Loser.

Another breakthrough came more recently after a particularly bad 48hr period of eating really crap food.

I was violently ill.

My body clearly did not like what I was doing do it. I have previously vowed never to eat takeaway food before and failed, so I’m not going to talk in ‘absolutes’ again, I don’t need the guilt. Instead I’m going to put my focus on eating as healthy as possible in every scenario. I have not had any junk takeaway food since that day.

I believe my thinking is one of the biggest reasons I haven’t valued myself enough to make lasting changes towards a healthy lifestyle. So how do I turn that thinking around?

~ Taking one day at a time. I’ve already had to catch myself thinking ‘yeah I’m doing ok so far, but can I really keep it up for 12 whole weeks?’. Of COURSE I can! Just take one day at a time.

~ Catching those thoughts as they happen and changing them into positive statements.

~ Remind myself daily of the TRUTH.

What makes THIS time different to my previous efforts at 12WBT?

I’ve made more time available to get a good start.

I have everything I need at my fingertips: gym membership, treadmill at home, exercise DVDs, hand weights, Polar HRM.

I’m faced with the reality of my situation, and only I can change it to achieve what I want. No-one else can do it, or want it for me. It is up to ME. The buck stops here.

No amount of wanting or wishing or hoping will get it done. I have to ACTUALLY DO IT!

As our daughter grows older, she is learning food habits from ME, and I have to provide a better example. Not only what I prepare for myself, but for her also.

I have no excuses. There are no reasons to fail, and EVERY reason to succeed.

My internal excuses.

I’ve been good this week, I can have <insert food item here>. NO! Consistency is key. Follow the program, don’t give in now!!! Imagine how you will feel if you stray from the plan, and have a poor result at weigh-in day. It’s not worth it. Focus on having balance, not ‘I’ve been good/bad’.

I’m not fit enough. Pfffft. Think of Margie on The Biggest Loser, if she can do it, I CAN DO IT!! I am actually fitter than I realise.

My external excuses within my control.

It’s too cold. Toughen up princess!! You’ll be nice and warm once you start. JFDI. Don’t think about it – just DO IT! Go into robot mode.

It’s too late. It’s NEVER too late! Why didn’t you train earlier? GO.TO.BED.EARLY!!!! Train in the morning. Think of Margie on The Biggest Loser, training at 2AM!!

I can’t afford it. You can’t afford NOT to do this. Think of the example you are setting for your family. Eating healthy is how we live now, and we’re just going to get used to it, and get on with it!

My external excuses outside my control.

Family illness. Make the best food choices available to you. Where possible, use my training as stress relief.

Work crisis. Make the best food choices available to you. Where possible, use my training as stress relief.

I’m sure there are more excuses rolling around in my head, and I will catch them as they pop up, and I will update this list as required.

I don’t think I could be any more serious about this journey!

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