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Day 35 – Planning & preparing

Sunday, rest day!!

Well. I did say I was going to do another PIP group training session at 7am. But after just 5 hours of broken sleep, and all-over soreness from my SSS, and really really painful calves from Step (I’m nearly limping!)… well, I turned off my alarm and slept in to 9am! Whoops. I suspect it was unrealistic to think I could back up and do another session so soon. I do wish I’d gone though. I’d like to get out there and meet more 12WBT people. Anyway, there’s always next week. But I do like my rest days..

So no training today, but the meal planning & shopping for next week is done.

(‘New You’ Journal)

Bacon & egg burrito. YUM! I don’t have bacon that often, and I forget how tasty it is. Today it was nice & crispy, with soft eggs & wrap.

Ham cases with salad. These are usually made with smoked salmon, but we only had ham. Just as good I reckon!

Crumbed fish with sweet potato wedges

Chocolate & peppermint tea. I think I’m actually starting to like peppermint tea! Especially with CHOCOLATE!!! YUM.

Tomorrow – Monday. I have work, and then the 6:30pm Pump class. Home in time for toddler bedtime, and dinner, and then into bed EARLY.

This next week is a busy one, and looks like this:

Monday – work & 6:30pm Pump
Tuesday – work & 5:30pm Step
Wednesday – work & 5:30pm Pump & 9:20pm Netball
Thursday – 10am appointment & 2pm Mothers Group (I think I’m hosting) & 6pm RPM
Friday – 10:30am Pilates & 7pm 12WBT dinner
Saturday – 9am TBT (tummy, butt, thighs) class & possible GNO (girls night out!)
Sunday – SSS: 8:30am Jetty 2 Jetty 5km fun run & MB Cardio DVDs

My checklist for the next week looks like this:

  • Toddler meals (x3) planned & reminder set to take them to daycare – DONE
  • Toddler clothes laid out (x3) – DONE
  • Work clothes ironed & ready (at least 3 outfits) – DONE
  • Gym clothes ready (4 sets: Mon-Thur) – DONE
  • Gym bag packed – DONE
  • Week 6 daily meals & snacks planned & journals ready (7 days) – DONE
  • Daily post template ready – DONE
  • Lunch pre-made & frozen where possible

I haven’t yet made my lunch for tomorrow, and I will have to make it in the morning. I’ll also swap the lunch I had planned, with one that is faster to prepare.

Phew! So… 7 days of training. Can I do it???

How is your week shaping up?



PST3 Training & Gear

I will be doing mostly gym classes, with some treadmill runs, and the odd Michelle Bridges DVD. I will review my plan regularly, but at this stage it looks like this:

Monday 6:30pm Pump

Tuesday 5:30pm RPM or Step or 6:30pm Zumba

Wednesday either 5:30pm Pump or Toning DVD and Netball

Thursday 5:30pm Boxing or 6pm RPM

Friday 10:30am Pilates class or Pilates/Yoga DVD

Saturday (super session) either 8:30am Step class and/or Group Training and/or Cardio DVDs and/or treadmill run

Sunday REST

The collection of various gear I’m using on this journey:

  • iPhone – for listening to music or checking 12WBT recipes or staying in touch with 12WBT facebook groups.
  • Polar FT4 heart rate monitor – for knowing my calorie burn.
  • Asics Gel Netburners – my shoes. Purchased primarily for netball, but they do the job.
  • SpiBelt – I’ve used this during my fun runs to hold my iphone and lip balm etc (you know – the essentials!)
  • Water bottles – I have a few, and cycle them regularly – my aim is to drink 3L a day.
  • dumbbells – for doing the toning DVD at home.
  • CardioTech treadmill – for running/walking at home.

Day 26 – Errands

Today has been a quiet one; I got a few loads of washing done, and did some errands and a bit of shopping. I found a couple of Pilates DVDs at the library, but neither was suitable. One needed a piece of equipment I don’t have, and one was advanced. So the search continues.

So I haven’t done any exercise today. But I’m pleased to have done another run of 4 days straight (Mon -Thurs).

Image Source

Poached eggs with salmon & avocado toast. I had to adjust the plan, due to not having a key ingredient.

Hoisin beef stir-fry

Penang Chicken. I am working through my back-up meals!

Tomorrow – Saturday. I’m doing my fitness test early, and a few more errands. Then we have our friend’s daughter’s 2nd birthday party!

So my string of red flag events has been a fizzer so far: I was stranded for Thursday’s high tea, and the dinner on Friday was rescheduled. But tomorrow’s party is next, and then a few new challenges:

Sunday morning – the group training session has a picnic breakfast afterwards. My plan is to make a few loaves of low-calorie banana bread on Saturday night, cut them into serves and freeze individual portions. On the day I’ll have a serve of bread, and a coffee.

Sunday night – Mr S and I are having a long-overdue date night. We’re going to see a movie (I won tickets back here), and then out to dinner. The restaurant menu isn’t too varied, but I think I can make a fairly good choice. My BIL and his partner bought us a gift certificate for this restaurant for Christmas last year, and also offered to babysit, so we could have a night out. So they are coming up for lunch, and will stay over and watch Miss E for us. We would be thrilled to babysit their little boy at some stage!

Have a lovely weekend!

NB: I realise this post is super late (it’s now Monday morning). I have so many ideas and thoughts about things I want to post, but sometimes there just isn’t enough time. We’ve had a busy weekend, and blogging gets bumped down the priority list. Posting daily is proving invaluable to keep me accountable to my plans, and I will catch up today. Cheers!

Day 23 – Hump day

What a miserable day! The weather here has been overcast and rainy, and COLD! Though I am enjoying rugging up in coats and scarves 🙂

Today’s exercise was a struggle, but at least I did something. Mr S had to give me a nudge off the couch though. We had come home from work, the traffic was terrible because of the weather, so I’d missed the 5:30pm Step class. Mr S had to make a phone call, and I sat on the couch… and there I stayed… Anyway, I did a 40 minute walk with small (tiny!) bouts of running. I’m soo tired, I just couldn’t run for any more than a few minutes.

So I’ve fallen into an old habit this week. Coffee. The first one seemed innocent enough, a meeting over a cup of coffee. The next day an excuse surfaced ‘I’m so tired, I need a coffee to get started’…. I adjusted my meal plan and bought another skinny flat white. Not terrible, but not ideal either. I really really need to get more sleep.

Image Source

Banana Smoothie

Broccoli Soup

Steak with corn & avocado salsa

Tomorrow – Wednesday. No netball this week as we didn’t make the finals, and the new season starts next week. So that means I can do the 5:30pm Pump class! It’s also weigh-in day, and whatever happens, it will not alter my course, or affect my determination. I don’t expect a big loss.

This week I’m really trying to stay consistent with my exercise. Lately I have started strong, but by the end of the week (on my ‘home’ days), I’ve stopped. This Thursday I’m really keen to do a 5:30pm boxing class, and on Friday I’m going to go to the gym for the 10:30am Pilates class, but will spend the time hanging out in the creche, so Miss E can get familiar with the carers and the environment. I’ll have a look at the library for a Pilates/Yoga DVD that I could do in the evening.

This post comes to you from our laptop, in the car on our way to work! Mr S’ mobile has a wireless access point, so I can connect the laptop to the internet through his mobile. Sometimes I sleep on the way (and snore softly too.. Mr S laughs!), but now I can write up the previous day’s post, instead of doing it late at night when I should be asleep.


Day 21 – Ahhhh rest day

Sometimes I wish I could be 3 again. To not have to deal with the responsibilities of adulthood. What a joy that would be. I don’t recall being in a particular hurry to grow up, but now… how I wish I had savoured those carefree days more!

I attended another red flag event today (our friend’s sons 3rd birthday party), and successfully avoided cake, soft cheese and crackers, & chocolate slice. I prepared my lunch early, and took it to the party. I ate most of it at home afterwards, but it was there at the party if I needed it.

Image Source

Poached eggs w salmon & avocado toast. I think I need to have a close look at why I think I need to have 2 eggs. That second egg really eats into my snack allowance!

Salmon cases w salad. I had 2 salmon quiche thingies; I munched on one during the party, and ate the rest once we arrived home. I will definitely make these again; they are perfect for a picnic, or a morning tea, and are super easy to make.

Wholemeal crumpet w strawberry jam. I’m not used to the sugar in this! The belly had a bit of a gurgle afterwards.

Lamb steaks with cauliflower mash & beans. We weren’t sure on the mash. Are you meant to drain the stock first? Delicious though! We didn’t buy cutlets as they are too expensive.

Tomorrow – Monday. It’s my first day back at work after 5 weeks off (red flag alert!).

Lunch & snacks packed – check.
Clothes & shoes ready – check.
Gym bag ready – check.
Handbag packed & ready – check. Including ID and access card.
Breakfast recipe & dry ingredients ready – check.
Do I remember my password to log-on? – check. Yes I do! Lol
In bed early – needs improvement.

The new plan is to do the 6:30pm Pump class on Mondays and the 5:30pm Pump class on Wednesdays (unless it clashes with netball and if so I’ll do the Toning DVD instead), with cardio training Tuesdays & Thursdays, and core/flexibility on Fridays. My super cardio session will be either Saturday or Sunday (preferably Saturday unless it is a milestone week). Sunday will continue to be Rest Day, unless it is a milestone week.

So I am failing spectacularly on the ‘fowl’ challenge – I will update the last few days soon. Although now that I’m back at work, I really really do have to get to sleep earlier.

I can’t believe we are at Week 4 already!! This is a milestone week, which means we re-do the fitness test & measurements we did in Week 1. I’ll be doing mine on Saturday, exactly 3 weeks since I did them last. Looking forward to seeing some improvements!

I have updated my goals, seeing as I achieved my 1 month goal 2 weeks early. I’ve tried to keep it realistic though. I’m not expecting another 5.1kg in 2.5 weeks!

I hope your weekend didn’t feel as fast as mine did.

A quick hello to my new followers!! I plan to visit your blogs sometime this week, and will say ‘hi’ while I’m there 🙂

Keep smiling

Day 19 – What the!

I’ve heard more sad news today. Actually this news isn’t just sad, it’s tragic. 😦 What is going on with the world these days.

My girlfriend wasn’t able to come to the baby expo after all (and I wasn’t that keen to go alone), so Miss E & I had a quiet day at home. We played with her new wooden beads, had some fun with flash cards, and even had a play outside. I hope she sleeps well tonight, mummy needs a big rest before her SSS efforts.

So although I was technically able to go to the Pilates class at 10:30am, I didn’t. Miss E isn’t familiar with the gym creche, and I’m not comfortable to leave her there yet. I really need to get myself a Pilates DVD!

Image Source

Banana Smoothie. This is a new favourite, and funnily enough the grainy bits didn’t bother me today. Perhaps because banana already has a thick texture. Anyway, I loved it!

Curried egg & rocket sandwich. Another staple. Quick & easy!

Penang Chicken. Mr S is working late again tonight, so it’s a freezer back-up meal. Can I just say – how great it is to have some back-up options in the freezer!! And Penang Chicken is a winner, because the recipe serves 6, so that gives me 4 spare dinners straight away. I’m not sure what is left in the freezer, but I think a big cook-up may be in order soon.

Tomorrow – Saturday. I’m going to attempt my SSS – and a 1000 calorie burn. Between a group training session, and a treadmill run, I hope to get to 1000 calories. Though I am rather lacking energy today, so I’m not sure how it is going to go down.

We’re going out to dinner at a Vietnamese Chargrill restaurant (red flag alert!), and I’m yet to finalise my meal (and therefore the rest of the day’s meals). But I’m looking at the menu now, and will make a decision tonight.

I’ve also started actually scheduling in time for cooking. This is something that I haven’t done up until now, and always struggled fitting in the prep & cooking times. So tomorrow I intend to pre-make the salmon things for Sunday’s lunch, which we’re taking with us to the party. Tomorrow is also our shopping day, so I have to finalise the menu plan and shopping list tonight, or early tomorrow.

So the ‘fowl’ challenge is only moderately failing so far… it’s now 10:30pm. But at least I’m getting bed earlier than if there was no challenge.. if that makes sense.

Now I’m off to hug a hot water bottle and have my chocolate sundae with some TV…

Happy weekend everyone!!

12WBT Blogger Challenge 2

Challenge #2: Tell me or show me! When and where do you workout? Are you doing anything different this round? Or is it your first time exercising? Is there anything that you’d like to do, but have not yet done?

I work out at the gym (group fitness classes). So far the plan is Monday = Pump, Tuesday = Combat, Wednesday = Pump, Thursday = RPM, Friday = Pilates. However my schedule is going to change next week when I return to p/t work (Mon-Tue-Wed).

I also exercise weekly at netball. I play GS (goal shooter), and I’ve played for many years.

And I also exercise at home on the treadmill, or with one of Michelle’s exercise DVDs.

And, because I like to mix it up a bit, I’m also planning to train with Motivate Me Personal Training, by doing a group training session for my SSS. They also offer Boxing on a Thurs night, which sounds good to me (more appealling than RPM let me say…)

My weekly training looks like this:

Mon – Pump or ‘Tight Toned Terrific’ DVD (toning)
Tue – Combat or run or ‘Seek & Destroy Cardio Kicker’ DVD (cardio)
Wed – Pump or ‘Tight Toned Terrific’ DVD (toning) and Netball
Thur – Boxing or RPM or run or ‘Seek & Destroy Cardio Kicker’ DVD (cardio)
Fri – Pilates (core & flexibility)
Sat – Super Saturday Session -SSS (group training & either run or DVD)
Sun – rest

This round I am going to the gym MUCH more frequently! It’s nice to actually USE something I’m already paying for. I need to be flexible because we have a toddler and anyone who has kids will know, things don’t always go the way you plan! I really enjoy my pump classes, but once I’m back at work, it will sometimes depend on the traffic as to whether I get there on time to do the class. So that sucks.

This isn’t my first time exercising, I’ve played netball for many years, and last round I ran in 2 fun runs (5km & 4km). But I haven’t been someone who exercises regularly – until now! So I guess you could say I am a first-time serious exerciser.

I’d like to try abseiling soon, I have done it once before in primary school and I vaguely remember enjoying it (I’m not even going to try to count how many years its been!). There is a discount deal on at the moment for a 2-hour abseiling package, so I’m going to do it! Currently trying to rope in encourage some family members/friends to do it with me!

Image Source

 Another new thing I’d like to do is a PIP training session as my mini milestone. This is a large group training session, and they usually organise something EXTRA special (read: challenging) for the mini milestones.

I can already feel my fitness improving, even though I have missed a couple of sessions (and the whole of Week 1 due to illness). I am actually looking forward to running my 1km time trial again (can’t believe I just said that!).

Day 18 – Why?

Today has been pretty crappy. I’ve heard some sad news, and it just baffles me why awful things happen to lovely people 😦

Mother’s Group was postponed again, due to illness. So instead of our usual group afternoon tea, Miss E & I had a coffee & play date at the shops, with one of the Mums & her daughter. I had a small coffee & a muesli biscuit, and was too busy chatting to take a photo. Miss E had a blast playing on the playground!

Afterwards she had a big sleep, and I did a bit of shopping. I had a look at Michelle’s new line of fitness clothing, but I find it too tight for me. I’ll need to lose a bit more weight before I can wear it comfortably. Loving the prices though, and the colours! I also picked up a layby (new Game of Thrones books – I’ve got some reading to do!), and a few wooden toys from Aldi for Miss E.

As I strolled around the shops it was getting closer and closer to dinner-time. Mr S was getting takeaway as he had to work late. I was considering buying nuggets & chips from THAT place (you know the one I mean…), for Miss E’s dinner. I would re-heat some Penang Chicken once I returned home, OR I was also considering keeping the Penang Chicken for another time, and getting Subway instead. As these thoughts rolled around in my head, I realised I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t line up and order crappy food. What on earth was I thinking? Although I wasn’t intending to eat it myself, the thought of lining up and ordering (something that I USED to do regularly)… I just couldn’t do it!

As it turns out there was a huge line (late night shopping), even if I’d joined the end of the line, I’m certain I would have talked myself out of it before I reached the front. I know the guilt of standing in line to make a food choice I KNOW I shouldn’t be making. In the end, Mr S picked up some extra chips with his fish & chips, and Miss E had chips for dinner. So she still had crappy food in the end, but I physically couldn’t go to THAT place and order. I realise this is not a great food choice for a toddler, and on the whole she does have a variety of healthy foods. (Her diet has improved since I stopped taking her through the drive-thru…).

Meanwhile, I found I didn’t really feel like having Penang Chicken again, and preferred to keep it for another day. So I made myself a single serve of Chicken Parmigiana. It’s one of my favourites, and I’m so proud that I didn’t buy food, but came home and actually prepared & cooked something healthy, YAY! This is the complete opposite of what I would have done 6 weeks ago 🙂

I didn’t do any training today either. I’m finding it difficult to schedule in exercise on my SAHM (stay at home mum) days. But really I probably just need to prioritise it more. However, I did read somewhere recently that after a big super session, your body needs to rest. So now I don’t feel quite so bad about missing training on Tuesday (after burning 1,351 calories on Monday), and missing training today (after burning 932 calories yesterday). I’ve just been so fatigued and weary, maybe all this exercise is catching up with me.

Poached eggs on vegemite toast

Roast beef & beetroot sandwich

Chicken Parmigiana

Tomorrow – Friday. I’m going to a baby expo with a friend. Looking forward to showing Miss E the farm animals & Dorothy show! I will pack lunch for myself, and buy some sandwiches for Miss E. No plans for training at this stage, I’ll be out all day so I’ll miss the Pilates class. I need to find a Pilates or Yoga DVD I can do at home, so I have more flexibility (unintentional pun, haha!).

The ‘going to sleep on time’ project is ongoing, last night wasn’t too successfull but it was an improvement. I’ll put it all in a separate update, this post is long enough!

Hope you’re having a good week!!


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