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Day 26 – Errands

Today has been a quiet one; I got a few loads of washing done, and did some errands and a bit of shopping. I found a couple of Pilates DVDs at the library, but neither was suitable. One needed a piece of equipment I don’t have, and one was advanced. So the search continues.

So I haven’t done any exercise today. But I’m pleased to have done another run of 4 days straight (Mon -Thurs).

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Poached eggs with salmon & avocado toast. I had to adjust the plan, due to not having a key ingredient.

Hoisin beef stir-fry

Penang Chicken. I am working through my back-up meals!

Tomorrow – Saturday. I’m doing my fitness test early, and a few more errands. Then we have our friend’s daughter’s 2nd birthday party!

So my string of red flag events has been a fizzer so far: I was stranded for Thursday’s high tea, and the dinner on Friday was rescheduled. But tomorrow’s party is next, and then a few new challenges:

Sunday morning – the group training session has a picnic breakfast afterwards. My plan is to make a few loaves of low-calorie banana bread on Saturday night, cut them into serves and freeze individual portions. On the day I’ll have a serve of bread, and a coffee.

Sunday night – Mr S and I are having a long-overdue date night. We’re going to see a movie (I won tickets back here), and then out to dinner. The restaurant menu isn’t too varied, but I think I can make a fairly good choice. My BIL and his partner bought us a gift certificate for this restaurant for Christmas last year, and also offered to babysit, so we could have a night out. So they are coming up for lunch, and will stay over and watch Miss E for us. We would be thrilled to babysit their little boy at some stage!

Have a lovely weekend!

NB: I realise this post is super late (it’s now Monday morning). I have so many ideas and thoughts about things I want to post, but sometimes there just isn’t enough time. We’ve had a busy weekend, and blogging gets bumped down the priority list. Posting daily is proving invaluable to keep me accountable to my plans, and I will catch up today. Cheers!


Day 4 (7 June 2012)

Had a pretty lazy day at home today, didn’t get much done at all. I have visions of one day becoming a domestic diva with regular cleaning routines and a house that’s constantly semi-clean and ready for guests… But today is not that day unfortunately! Tomorrow perhaps 🙂

I had a bit of a blow-out at breakfast, it totalled 439 cals!!! Whooops. It was more like brunch though, and I’m still under my 1200 limit. So… why did I have a blow-out? Can I blame the toaster? It seems to only produce successful toast if there are 2 pieces… it’s old and temperamental. Place a single slice on either side, and it’s sure to be burnt. Place 2 slices, and they toast nicely. So I tried to make just 1 piece of toast for Miss E, and burnt 2 pieces (tried twice using alternate sides of the toaster), before I gave up and then put 2 slices in. I could have perservered, I could have sat in front of the toaster and eyeballed it to ensure perfect toast, or I didn’t have to eat the 2nd piece of toast either. But it’s all good, I’m within my calorie limit, it isn’t the end of the world!! But I do think we need a new toaster 🙂

Apple Muesli

Toast w cream cheese & coffee

Roast beef, avocado & cottage cheese wrap

Cheese & crackers

Pan-fried fish w ratatouille & basil. This is one we probably won’t have again. Mr S didn’t really like it, and I couldn’t taste anything! Only a slight fish flavour.

Tomorrow – Friday. Potential red flag event, I’m going to a documentary screening on birth choices, where they will be offering light refreshments. It starts at 6pm, I don’t know when it finishes. I think I will have my dinner meal at lunch, and the lunch meal as an early dinner around 5pm, and take some healthy snacks with me. I can have the dessert when I get home. If they offer any drinks, I will have a vodka lime & soda, and include the calories in my allowance. Or I could skip snacks, and have my treat meal tomorrow instead of Sat. Mmmmm, what to do.. Although that would be difficult seeing as I have no idea what they will be serving.

Fridays are also our library day, we either go to Rhyme Time, or just to have a play & return/borrow more books. As a child I LOVED reading, and often spent hours at the library. I was even known to read using a torch or crack of light from a door ajar, moving the book from side to side, after I was supposed to be in bed asleep! I would like to share my love of reading with Miss E, and so far she loves reading and going to the library. Sometimes I will peek in her room and see her sitting in her reading area (a rug & pile of cushions beside the bookcase), reading & talking to herself! ❤  We read books together every night before bed, and she even has a little library card that we stamp each time we visit!

I’m enjoying the results of drinking more water already, after only 4 days of increased intake. Apart from having to go to the toilet more frequently, which is not so great during the night. But I can feel a difference in my skin! It just feels more supple..? I notice it on the backs of my hands. Anyway, who knows! Thumbs up for drinking more water!

Looking forward to catching up with some lovely 12WBT ladies on Saturday afternoon 🙂

Hope your week is going super, and you are in good health!


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