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Day 5 (8 June 2012) Choices

Right now, my mind is full of thoughts from the documentary tonight. It was ‘The face of birth’, about women’s choices in childbirth. I strongly encourage you to see it! Whether or not you have or don’t have children, or even intend to have children, or are male or female, this is about women having the ability to choose how they give birth, and with whom. It is a current issue that affects everyone in society. Please check out the trailer here, and you can read more about it here. I didn’t realise how much the film would bring up my thoughts about my own birth experience, and the lack of control that I had. Next time, I just hope that I will have all the choices available to me, so I can make the best choice for my family.

I didn’t go too badly at the screening, there were quite a few choices food-wise, I was surprised! They offered chicken soup, pumpkin soup, sushi, chicken drumsticks & chicken kebab sticks, bruschetta toast w salmon & capsicum dip, asparagus with butter sauce, tea & coffee, a selection of juices, and water. Then for dessert afterwards, small squares of slices, a fruit meringue with cream, and tea/coffee. I had a few things, but didn’t go back again (and again) for more, so I’m pleased. And I’ve skipped the dessert from the meal plan tonight, so I had about 283 calories to ‘spend’.

After the film they had some lucky door prizes and I won!! The prize….. a 400g box of Swiss Gold chocolates!! Noooooooo! LOL …..and 2 tickets to see the new movie ‘What to expect when you are expecting’!!! I’m sure my husband has been busting to see it 😉 (Actually, after watching the preview, I think he will enjoy it). It is a lovely prize, and I am pleased to have won (I even had a weird feeling, like I *knew* I was going to win something, bizarre!!). I will have to think of a good home for these chocolates though. I will admit to already checking their calorie content, but I just can’t do it. They don’t have the nutritional content! It’s not just about counting calories! 230 calories of chocolate is NOT the same as 230 calories of salad! I reckon I know someone who can give them a good home.

Then I arrived home to find my toddler STILL awake!!! We are out of our normal routine at the moment, and she’s been staying up later and later. We will have to change that over the coming days. She didn’t go to sleep until 10:30pm. Not good!

Banana Bruschetta & coffee (fast becoming a favourite). This morning I added a tiny squeeze of honey over the banana slices… yum!!

Turkey & cheese wrap with cranberries. I looked at the calorie content of the wraps v mountain bread, and the light cheese v swiss cheese, and realise my calorie count for the other day was probably way off. So I reduced to 1 slice of cheese today, and we’ll pick up some mountain bread tomorrow.

Beef Fajita with capsicum & red onion

Tomorrow: Saturday! I have to get my fitness test done, and find my measuring tape so I can do my measurements. I’m going to a 12wbt coffee catchup nearby, that will be great. It will be lovely to meet some new people who are on the program. And Saturdays are our shopping day, so I will be finalising our meal plan for the week ahead (which I started on today), and preparing the shopping list.

Hope your weekend has started well, enjoy your SSS!!!



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