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Week 8 – WWW

1.5kg down this week!

I’VE DONE IT!!!! My 2nd goal to lose 10kg by 25 July 2012. WOW, I can hardly believe it 😀

Now I guess I need to make ANOTHER new goal!

So here it is: My new 3 month goal is to weigh less than 80kg by the last weigh-in (which I think is 29 August). If I achieve this goal, that would make my total weight loss 14.4kg (31.7lbs). Not bad considering my original goal was to lose 12kg across the 12 weeks!

My lowest known weight as an adult is 76.9kg (and that was right before my 30th birthday). So I will be very happy to get into the 70’s again!!

Planning to go hard for the next 5 weeks!


Week 7 – WWW

1.2kg down this week!! 😀

My BMI is now under 30!

My BMR is dropping – at the start of this it was 1674! Now it’s 1623.

Total weight loss is now 8.7kg!

Looking forward to seeing more great results in the coming weeks. I’m already making some special plans for the Brisbane finale party!!


Week 5 WWW

So I did a weigh-in on Wednesday, but it was a small result (-200g), so I checked again on Thursday (1 week since last weigh-in), and it was better! (-600g).

My total weight loss is now 6.5kg, and 6.9% of my body weight!!

AND I forgot to mention earlier, I got an email on Wednesday from Michelle Bridges, congratulating me on my progress!!!! I received it in the car on the way home, and read it out to Mr S. I was so excited I was jumping out of my seat!!! 😀


It is SO true, consistency is key. I’m so determined to continue changing my lifestyle. I’m taking on these new routines for life, and I’m teaching Miss E about healthy living.

My heart jumped with joy when I did my fitness test back in Week 1. Mr S & Miss E came along for support, and Miss E ran around saying ‘Mummy run, Mummy run!’ 😀  And since then when I’m on the treadmill, ‘Mummy run!’ while she runs around the house 🙂  This is a much better picture than Mummy going through the drive-through every couple of days, and the toddler immediately asking for chips from the back seat.

I have to say I am a teeny bit disappointed in the small results this week. I realise the body is not a computer, and sometimes these things just happen. But it is timely for a review of my progress so far, so stay tuned for that. I did have a couple of red flag events that I could have handled even better.

I wonder if I was a bit un-realistic setting my new goal for 10kg lost by 25 July. I have 3.5kg to lose in the next 3 weeks…

This week I’m putting my focus into sticking to my nutrition plan, and nailing my workouts. I’m going to aim for another 1000 calorie burn on Saturday! And I might even do another PIP group workout on Sunday – even though it is my rest day!

Bring on Week 6!


PST2 Goals

These are my goals, and I’m going to look at them EVERY DAY!

My 1 month goal is to lose 5 kilograms  by 4 July 2012.  I will achieve this by following the 12WBT program for nutrition and exercise.  My reward for achieving 5 kilograms lost, is a new hair cut & style.

Update: I achieved this goal 2 weeks early on 20 June!!!  My new goal is to lose 10 kilograms by 25 July 2012.

My 3 month goal is to lose 12 kilograms by 29 August 2012.  I will achieve this by following the 12WBT program for nutrition and exercise.  My rewards for achieving 12 kilograms lost, are to climb the Story Bridge with a group of 12WBT members, and celebrate at the unofficial workout & cocktail party.

My 6 month goal is to lose 25 kilograms, by 21 November 2012, and have a fantastic 35th birthday celebration! I will achieve this by following the 12WBT program for nutrition and exercise. My rewards for achieving a 25 kilogram loss are a sunrise hot air balloon ride with my husband, and a new wardrobe.

My 12 month goal is to maintain my weight through to 5 June 2013 & beyond, and improve my overall fitness. I will achieve this by continuing to follow the 12WBT program for nutrition and exercise, by remaining active in the 12WBT community, and participating in regular fun runs. My rewards for achieving this goal are improved health, and providing a healthy role model for my family.

These are my 12WBT mini/major milestones:

Mini 1 (week 4) – Pain in Paradise Group Training Event on 1 July 2012 – DONE!

Mini 2 (week 6) – Jetty 2 Jetty 5km fun run on 15 July 2012

Mini 3 (week 8) – Pain in Paradise Group Training Event on 29 July 2012

Major 1 (week 12) – Pain in Paradise Group Training Event on 26 August 2012

Major 2 (week 13) – Bridge to Brisbane 5km fun run on 2 September 2012

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