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Day 43 – Surfing emotions

<< ARRGH!! I have a week’s worth of updates to catch up on! Sometimes life gets so busy, my plate gets too full and blogging falls out of my scope of ability. But I have missed it, and have felt disorganised and not as accountable. I’m still going strong, and do intend to catch up ASAP!! So some of the next few updates might be short & sweet while I catch up, but I will be back to regular programming soon!>>

Today after work I was so tired, and started debating with myself whether to do Pump or not…. (warning, warning!!!!)

We have a rental inspection this week, and I’ve been exercising and working so much, the housework has been neglected. As a result I have a lot of work to do, in a very short space of time. Mr S gave me some encouragement to do the class, and I knew that I would be glad I did it, and regretful if I didn’t. So I JFDI’d, got dressed, and did it.

When I arrived the class was packed, and I had to find a spot to squeeze in. The thought did cross my mind to turn around and go home again, but I quickly dismissed it. It felt good to have done it even when I didn’t feel like it.

I’m going through some personal stuff at the moment, which just made me feel like flopping onto the couch in a sulk and eating chocolate. I even eyed off the chocolate fundraising box at work.. didn’t have any, but I looked semi-longingly!

But I remember Mish’s advice and recognise that these are just emotions, and they will come and go. I ride this wave of sad feelings, and I know that new feelings will come by soon enough.

<<So while I do record all my food intake in detail each day, I can’t for the life of me find my notes for this day. I think I may have accidentally deleted them. So while there are conspicuous gaps in my food diary, I promise I was eating clean!!!>>

(‘New You’ Journal)

Strawberry bruschetta

Bunless burger with bun

Tomorrow – Tuesday. Work, and then 5:30pm Step class.



Day 39 – Cupcakes!

I spent most of today making some surprise cupcakes for Mothers Group afternoon tea, to welcome our newest member! I’m really pleased they turned out well, as I only decided to do them yesterday. It was a last minute decision, but the girls loved it! And, I’m pleased to report that I didn’t have a single taste of any of it 🙂  There are leftover iced cupcakes in the fridge, but I won’t be deciding to have one unless I’ve figured out the calories.

I did well throughout Mothers Group! I had my peppermint tea, and a few strawberries, and munched on a muesli bar on my way home. I’m hosting next week, so I’ll be able to do my healthy snacks then. But I didn’t do any exercise… *sigh* staying up until 2am preparing cream cheese frosting and making fondant shapes makes for a very tired mummy.

(‘New You’ Journal)

Poached eggs on avocado toast

Roast beef & beetroot sandwich

Pasta & meatballs

Tomorrow – Friday. Still don’t have a Pilates DVD, so it’s either the 10:30 class or a rest day. Then a 12WBT dinner (red flag alert!) in the evening. I’ve already checked out the menu, and decided my meal, and there is enough room in my meal plan to fit in a vodka 🙂


Day 35 – Planning & preparing

Sunday, rest day!!

Well. I did say I was going to do another PIP group training session at 7am. But after just 5 hours of broken sleep, and all-over soreness from my SSS, and really really painful calves from Step (I’m nearly limping!)… well, I turned off my alarm and slept in to 9am! Whoops. I suspect it was unrealistic to think I could back up and do another session so soon. I do wish I’d gone though. I’d like to get out there and meet more 12WBT people. Anyway, there’s always next week. But I do like my rest days..

So no training today, but the meal planning & shopping for next week is done.

(‘New You’ Journal)

Bacon & egg burrito. YUM! I don’t have bacon that often, and I forget how tasty it is. Today it was nice & crispy, with soft eggs & wrap.

Ham cases with salad. These are usually made with smoked salmon, but we only had ham. Just as good I reckon!

Crumbed fish with sweet potato wedges

Chocolate & peppermint tea. I think I’m actually starting to like peppermint tea! Especially with CHOCOLATE!!! YUM.

Tomorrow – Monday. I have work, and then the 6:30pm Pump class. Home in time for toddler bedtime, and dinner, and then into bed EARLY.

This next week is a busy one, and looks like this:

Monday – work & 6:30pm Pump
Tuesday – work & 5:30pm Step
Wednesday – work & 5:30pm Pump & 9:20pm Netball
Thursday – 10am appointment & 2pm Mothers Group (I think I’m hosting) & 6pm RPM
Friday – 10:30am Pilates & 7pm 12WBT dinner
Saturday – 9am TBT (tummy, butt, thighs) class & possible GNO (girls night out!)
Sunday – SSS: 8:30am Jetty 2 Jetty 5km fun run & MB Cardio DVDs

My checklist for the next week looks like this:

  • Toddler meals (x3) planned & reminder set to take them to daycare – DONE
  • Toddler clothes laid out (x3) – DONE
  • Work clothes ironed & ready (at least 3 outfits) – DONE
  • Gym clothes ready (4 sets: Mon-Thur) – DONE
  • Gym bag packed – DONE
  • Week 6 daily meals & snacks planned & journals ready (7 days) – DONE
  • Daily post template ready – DONE
  • Lunch pre-made & frozen where possible

I haven’t yet made my lunch for tomorrow, and I will have to make it in the morning. I’ll also swap the lunch I had planned, with one that is faster to prepare.

Phew! So… 7 days of training. Can I do it???

How is your week shaping up?


Day 28 – Sparta 300 & Date Night!

What a long day! I was up at 5:30am for the group workout. Met some lovely new 12WBT ladies, and we drove there together, chatting the whole way. The workout was good, not as hard as I thought it would be! After a few warm-up activities, the main part of the workout was a series of exercises totalling 300. In teams of 3 we had to do 50 of each exercise (as a team, not individually!), with a sprint/run in-between each set. Squats, push-ups, mountain climbers, crunches, burpies, and something else I can’t remember. So it was 17 each, per exercise. And we went through that TWICE! I don’t think I’ve ever done so many squats in one day.

The breakfast was nice, a spread of good healthy options: fresh fruit, muesli bar slice, banana bread, yoghurt & fruit, and juice. (After staying up making banana bread last night, I bloody forgot to take it with me! Lucky there was plenty to go around). We tried to hunt down a coffee cart in the park, without success. So we stopped for coffees on the way home.

Our Date Night was lovely, and Miss E was very well behaved! I’m so relieved. Until now, we’ve only had my sister Mim do babysitting for us. I wasn’t sure how Miss E would respond to new carers, and us being away for hours. But she was fine, YAY!

So I made some popcorn for the movie, but then in our rush to leave the house I didn’t have time to weigh it 😦 And I ate it anyway. So I did some reseach here, which says 1 cup of air-popped popcorn is 31 calories. I started with 3 tablespoons of kernels, and it looked to be about 3 cups approx.

For dinner I chose the seafood mixed grill, and I think it was a good choice. There wasn’t that much meat once it was prepared, although I didn’t cook it all at once and plate it together for a visual. However I do suspect I had a few too many plank chips. Next time I will decide how many I’ll allow myself to have, and then make the rest disappear out of sight. And I forgot to ask for the dressing on the side of the salad. So the calories here are a bit of an educated guess. Perhaps I could have taken my kitchen scales with me?? LOL. I didn’t feel like I’d over-eaten, so it’s all good.

I am pleased to have resisted the garlic bread that Mr S had for starters though!

(‘New You’ Journal)

Lentil & beetroot salad w ricotta

Seafood Mixed Grill. Prawns, Moreton Bay bug, scallops, salmon & a seafood sauce, with chips & greek salad. In the foreground is the square hot stone that we cook on, and to the left of that is a column of sauces.

Death by Chocolate. I had one spoon, with a bit of everything on it. And when Mr S was finished, I also scraped up some of the chocolate sauce. My willpower muscle is getting STRONG!!

Tomorrow – Monday. Planning to do the 6:30pm Pump class, and I intend to have squeaky clean nutrition for the next few days. Weigh-in is Wednesday, and I’m not very confident of a good result.


Day 25 – Stranded!

So today didn’t quite go as I planned.. We forgot to swap the baby seat from Mr S’ car to my car, so Miss E & I were stranded at home! So I missed the high tea, and I’ll have to get the errands done tomorrow instead.

But I did get myself to RPM (my second ever class), and I hated it, but I also kinda liked it. We might have a love/hate relationship!

A little bit over on the calories today… something about sweating on the bike, and promising myself a sundae if I can get through the class alive, lol. Also I had a super late lunch due to having a 1.5hr nap with Miss E. So had to squeeze in some meals all toward the end of the day. I need to make sure I have all my meals & snacks planned & scheduled evenly throughout the day. I guess I was a bit thrown by the change in plans.

Image Source

Poached eggs on toast with cream cheese. We didn’t have enough baked beans, so I had to adjust the plan. It wasn’t a shopping list fail this time, I listed enough for 2 serves, but the other day, I made 2 serves for Mr S & I. So then there wasn’t enough for today. I’ll need to watch this, as having to adjust all the time is dangerous.

Broccoli soup

Lamb Koftas

Tomorrow – Friday. Planning to do a bunch of errands, and some housework. The 12WBT dinner was rescheduled due to a few people unable to attend. Mr S will be home late due to his work function. I was going to take Miss E to the gym creche to see how she might settle in there, but with all the other errands I have to do, it might have to wait. I will check at the library for a Pilates DVD that I could do in the evening.


Day 13 – BBQ fun

(This is another late post, it’s currently Sunday evening, but this is Saturday’s update. Gah! I will catch up tonight I hope).

Man, I really underestimated how long it takes me to make 2 batches of cream cheese frosting!! And silly me, when I went to sleep at 3am, I was SO tired, I didn’t set the alarm, and we all slept in to about 8:30am. So at the time we were due to leave for our family BBQ, I was still in my pyjamas making icing!! We arrived over an hour late in the end 😦

But, the cupcakes were finished, they looked great, and the birthday boy was nicely surprised. And I’m VERY pleased to let you know… I have not had one single taste! Not a lick of a spoon or a finger swipe of icing, NOT.ONE.SINGLE.BIT!!!! I made 36 cupcakes, all from scratch except for the little animals. Remember how I said I might just limit myself to ONE cupcake?  Nu-huh, not this chickie, I haven’t had ANY!!! Some family took a couple each home, and Mr S has been enjoying the leftovers.

YAY me!

I am beyond surprised at my willpower!! I just don’t want one. I don’t want to jeopardise my good progress by eating a cupcake. I haven’t figured out the calories, but even if I had, I still don’t want one. It’s a slippery path back into old ways. I’m thinking about doing another batch of chocolate cupcakes this week, but I’m not certain I have enough time available (and I *don’t* want to be up until 3am again!).

I didn’t do any training today, there just wasn’t any time. Again I’m disappointed, but there wasn’t much I could do about it. After the BBQ we were all exhausted, and then the evening dinner routine started. Next time maybe I won’t do so many cupcakes on such little notice. (It’s hard to say no to family!) And I can be a perfectionist at times, so I work hard at getting them looking good. But I’m also a newbie, so it takes me longer to figure out what I’m doing, where am I up to, how do you do that? I am enjoying all my ‘cakey’ projects though, currently thinking about plans for my next cake!

Image Source

Banana Bruschetta. We have run out of cottage cheese, so this morning I used 2 wedges of laughing cow cream cheese. So I don’t know what the calorie count should be, but I’ll check next time.

Thai turkey salad. I actually forgot to get a pic of my lunch, but you can see it here in the background, behind my awesome cupcakes!!

Thai turkey salad. So I made way too much (I tripled the recipe, so it made 6 serves), and decided to have the leftovers for dinner, so it wasn’t wasted. But I don’t think I’ll have it again for a while!

Tomorrow – Sunday. As we were out yesterday, tomorrow is shopping & washing day. I don’t have any exercise planned, as it is the Rest Day.

My ‘High 5’ for today is not having ANY cupcake!!!!!

Image Source

Have a super day!


Day 5 (8 June 2012) Choices

Right now, my mind is full of thoughts from the documentary tonight. It was ‘The face of birth’, about women’s choices in childbirth. I strongly encourage you to see it! Whether or not you have or don’t have children, or even intend to have children, or are male or female, this is about women having the ability to choose how they give birth, and with whom. It is a current issue that affects everyone in society. Please check out the trailer here, and you can read more about it here. I didn’t realise how much the film would bring up my thoughts about my own birth experience, and the lack of control that I had. Next time, I just hope that I will have all the choices available to me, so I can make the best choice for my family.

I didn’t go too badly at the screening, there were quite a few choices food-wise, I was surprised! They offered chicken soup, pumpkin soup, sushi, chicken drumsticks & chicken kebab sticks, bruschetta toast w salmon & capsicum dip, asparagus with butter sauce, tea & coffee, a selection of juices, and water. Then for dessert afterwards, small squares of slices, a fruit meringue with cream, and tea/coffee. I had a few things, but didn’t go back again (and again) for more, so I’m pleased. And I’ve skipped the dessert from the meal plan tonight, so I had about 283 calories to ‘spend’.

After the film they had some lucky door prizes and I won!! The prize….. a 400g box of Swiss Gold chocolates!! Noooooooo! LOL …..and 2 tickets to see the new movie ‘What to expect when you are expecting’!!! I’m sure my husband has been busting to see it 😉 (Actually, after watching the preview, I think he will enjoy it). It is a lovely prize, and I am pleased to have won (I even had a weird feeling, like I *knew* I was going to win something, bizarre!!). I will have to think of a good home for these chocolates though. I will admit to already checking their calorie content, but I just can’t do it. They don’t have the nutritional content! It’s not just about counting calories! 230 calories of chocolate is NOT the same as 230 calories of salad! I reckon I know someone who can give them a good home.

Then I arrived home to find my toddler STILL awake!!! We are out of our normal routine at the moment, and she’s been staying up later and later. We will have to change that over the coming days. She didn’t go to sleep until 10:30pm. Not good!

Banana Bruschetta & coffee (fast becoming a favourite). This morning I added a tiny squeeze of honey over the banana slices… yum!!

Turkey & cheese wrap with cranberries. I looked at the calorie content of the wraps v mountain bread, and the light cheese v swiss cheese, and realise my calorie count for the other day was probably way off. So I reduced to 1 slice of cheese today, and we’ll pick up some mountain bread tomorrow.

Beef Fajita with capsicum & red onion

Tomorrow: Saturday! I have to get my fitness test done, and find my measuring tape so I can do my measurements. I’m going to a 12wbt coffee catchup nearby, that will be great. It will be lovely to meet some new people who are on the program. And Saturdays are our shopping day, so I will be finalising our meal plan for the week ahead (which I started on today), and preparing the shopping list.

Hope your weekend has started well, enjoy your SSS!!!


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