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Day 55 – Cake leftovers..

Just photos for today.

Poached eggs on vegemite toast

Steak sandwich

Cajun Chicken




Day 54 – Sys Admin Day

So today was System Administrators Appreciation Day (yes, this is a thing – it even has a wikipedia page), and my work branch had a combined lunch. There was pizza & Subway with a can of softdrink, and cake.

The cake is a triple layer chocolate mud cake with dark chocolate ganache. The computer mouse is made of rice bubble treat, with dark chocolate ganache & fondant.

While I’ve listed my food intake for the day, I have no idea of the calories.

(‘New You’ Journal)



Tomorrow – Saturday. We have not one single plan, and I love it that way!


Day 53 – Thursday

Today’s highlight was attending our High Tea without partaking in the yummy foods on offer! Miss E didn’t even touch the sandwiches I got for her, and she ate most of my strawberries! I ordered my coffee, and chatted with my friends.

(‘New You’ Journal)

Poached eggs with ham & avocado toast

Mexican shepherds pie

Butter Chicken. This didn’t agree with me at all, and my tummy was quite grumbly about it. But I had heaps of cake decorating still to do, so I wanted something quick.

Tomorrow – Friday. Cake D-Day! I’m driving into work for a branch lunch at 12pm, and then there will be CAKE! I will be having one piece. I’ve worked so damn hard on this thing I’m not not having some!


Day 52 – Shattered

<<Hi…. yep it’s been a while huh. But. I’m back, and determined to continue this journey. I have a stack of draft posts that I’ll publish today. So much has happened. I’ve missed you!!!!!>>

I’ve been having so many late nights this week, it caught up with me today and I was shattered.

After catching up on the zzz’s I was able to get to a local cake store for some cakey items I needed.

I grabbed Subway (again) for lunch, as I was short on time – due to cake duty. And totally forgot to take a photo, whoops!

I could say that I needed to ‘taste test’ my ganache… but it wouldn’t be truthful. I think I chose to have some to try to stay awake. Either way I’m in dangerous territory….

(‘New You’ Journal)

Poached eggs with avocado & smoked salmon

Mexican shepherd’s pie

Tomorrow – Thursday. We’re going to a local High Tea event (red flag alert!). My plan is to take a punnet of strawberries, and order a coffee. I’ll buy a ticket, so I can get some sandwiches for Miss E. This usually gets me through. Then home to work on the cake. I had hoped to have it finished last night, but (as usual) I’ve under-estimated the time required to decorate.


Day 51 – More caking

<<This is just a quick update – back to regular blogging soon!>>

More quick & easy meal options this week. With caking temporarily taking over all my time, I’m unable to prep my lunch. This is what the backups are for!

(‘New You’ Journal)

Banana bread & coffee


Chicken Parmigiana. This is another one of my all-time favourites!! Soo tasty.

Tomorrow – Wednesday. Work, then netball at 7:20pm. Then more work on the cake!


Day 45 – Distractions

Well. Today didn’t go how I planned at all. I had to focus on planning my upcoming cakes, so I could urgently order the required ingredients/tools. As it is I don’t know if the order will arrive in time. So I didn’t get to the 10:30am Pump class, or do much of the housework. But netball was great, at the start of the game our opponents only had 4 players, but for the last half they had found some extras, and were getting pushy & a bit cocky. But we kept our lead and won 36-27. Everyone was playing really well!

(‘New You’ Journal)

Poached eggs with smoked salmon & avocado toast

Mushroom & basil risotto

Tomorrow – Thursday. I’m hosting Mother’s Group, and then have RPM at 6pm.


Day 39 – Cupcakes!

I spent most of today making some surprise cupcakes for Mothers Group afternoon tea, to welcome our newest member! I’m really pleased they turned out well, as I only decided to do them yesterday. It was a last minute decision, but the girls loved it! And, I’m pleased to report that I didn’t have a single taste of any of it 🙂  There are leftover iced cupcakes in the fridge, but I won’t be deciding to have one unless I’ve figured out the calories.

I did well throughout Mothers Group! I had my peppermint tea, and a few strawberries, and munched on a muesli bar on my way home. I’m hosting next week, so I’ll be able to do my healthy snacks then. But I didn’t do any exercise… *sigh* staying up until 2am preparing cream cheese frosting and making fondant shapes makes for a very tired mummy.

(‘New You’ Journal)

Poached eggs on avocado toast

Roast beef & beetroot sandwich

Pasta & meatballs

Tomorrow – Friday. Still don’t have a Pilates DVD, so it’s either the 10:30 class or a rest day. Then a 12WBT dinner (red flag alert!) in the evening. I’ve already checked out the menu, and decided my meal, and there is enough room in my meal plan to fit in a vodka 🙂


Day 38 – Pump AND Netball… PumpBall!

Today was a loooong day, but I got through it. I was up early for work, did Pump & played netball, and then I was up late making cupcake frosting & decorations. I’m making some (last minute) surprise cupcakes for Mothers Group tomorrow, to celebrate the arrival of our newest member! Stay tuned for pics 🙂

Pump was good, I went a bit heavier again. However I now know that 7.5kg for the bicep track is too much! But 7.5kg for the chest track is OK. 10kg for the legs is hard, but doable. 2kg for the tricep extensions is shaky but doable.
I want my arms to be BUFF!!

And netball was fantastic! We all played really well, and won 49-22. I’m starting to feel fitter, and therefore I play better, LOVE it!!!!!

(‘New You’ Journal)

Banana bruschetta. Actually made this at work, as we were running late.

Roast beef & beetroot sandwich

Cajun Chicken. The BEST YUMMIEST MEAL ever!

Tomorrow – Thursday. I have an appointment in the morning, and then 2pm Mothers Group (red flag alert!). I’m not hosting until next week, so I’ll need to be well prepared with my snacks. I’ll also need to resist the cupcakes, I know I can do it, I’ve done it before!

Then either 5:30pm Boxing, or 6pm RPM, or a treadmill run.


Day 30 – Warning signs

Well. Today was a struggle.

I could feel the wheels starting to come off, and warning lights started flashing…

Tuesday morning: I hadn’t made my lunch, we were running late, and I started hearing some old self-talk. ‘Oh well, I’ll just have whatever…’

So I made my ‘default’ breakfast – poached eggs on toast with cream cheese & coffee. But minus the avocado, ham and garlic & herb salt that I used to add. The plan changed because I didn’t make the time last night to prep the frozen berries for the meal I had planned.

I hadn’t even planned out my snacks for the day. I hadn’t packed my gym bag. Dinner wasn’t prepped. And we forgot to send Miss E’s dinner to daycare (so she’ll just have it later when we get home. But It makes the evening routine smoother if she’s had dinner at daycare).

What this has shown me is that I need to be MORE organised each week, and be more CONSISTENT (not my strong point). Each day needs to be planned well in advance, including snacks and enough time for meal prep (if required). And this needs to be a PRIORITY!!

Miss E was unsettled overnight, and we were both up when she woke at 4:45am. We brought her into our bed, but no-one got back to sleep 😦

Today I decided to focus on getting to bed early, rather than doing my workout (excuse alert!). I had thought I could still do a walk/run on the tready. But even that didn’t happen. I think getting adequate sleep is just as important as training hard, and if I keep pushing myself while I’m sleep deprived, something is going to snap. But in the end I didn’t actually get into bed any earlier *sigh*

I had a sneaky weigh-in this morning and I’m 200g up. But I choose to ignore that and just keep going. I won’t let it get me down because I know that weight fluctuates (and I shouldn’t really be doing extra weigh-ins anyway).

(‘New You’ Journal)

Poached eggs on toast

Subway. It’s a 6 inch Roast Beef sub on multi-grain with Swiss cheese & honey mustard sauce.

Pasta & meatballs. I really like this one! I smash up the meatballs and it becomes like a bolognaise. (Except it isn’t smothered in grated cheese like I used to have).

Tomorrow – Wednesday. I have work, and then 5:30pm Pump class. Then it is State of Origin Game 3. The decider!! I wish I could find my SOO bunting and balloons (they are here somewhere – I put them somewhere ‘safe’! lol). I thought about making more SOO cupcakes, but I just don’t have the time. These are the ones I made for Game 1!!



Day 27 – Fitness Test FAIL

Right. So…. I did my fitness test this morning. Due to other plans, I had to do it early, and started it at 8:30am.

Now I am not a morning person. I do early starts when I have to, but generally I prefer to sleep until I wake up naturally. I find my peak performance/productivity zone is the afternoon/evening. But on this day I started my fitness test at 8:30AM.
And it was TERRIBLE 😦

I was 2 minutes 20 seconds SLOWER on the 1km time trial. I have improved my push-ups (an extra 9 push-ups in 1 minute). Less time on the wall sit, No change to abdominal strength, and less flexibility on the sit & reach. Not what I was expecting AT ALL. I really thought that having lost 5.9kg, I would be faster 😦

  1. 1km time trial: 9:10 (beginner)
  2. push-ups: 32 (advanced)
  3. ab strength: 0 (beginner)
  4. wall sit: 0:21.7 (beginner)
  5. sit & reach: +18cm (advanced)

So I’ve decided to re-do it next weekend, at the same time of day as my first test (4.45pm). I think doing it so early in the morning (early for me anyway, on a Saturday!) has really made a difference to the results. At least that is what I’m hoping. I also think I need more sleep… (I know, I know, I keep going on about it, but when will I start to WALK my TALK???).

I had thought the 1km was 2.5 laps of the oval, and at that point I stopped, looked at the runkeeper ap on my phone and it said 0.50km What the??? So I started running again. I had to do another 2 laps! Maybe runkeeper was faulty? I don’t know what happened. But, even though I knew I’d stuffed it completely, and I was hurting, I was NOT STOPPING!!!

And on top of all that, in my rush to get it done I completely forgot to turn my HRM on, so I don’t even have a calorie burn to report. Arrgh.

We had a lovely time at the party, and the birthday girl was adorable (as always!). I didn’t go near the food table, I stuck to my scheduled lunch meal (which I’d brought with me), and I had a small piece of birthday cake. Yay!

I have no idea on the calories for the chocolate cake, I’ve done some internet research, and had a look on myfitnesspal. In the end I just guesstimated a number. And I totally forgot to get a photo of my lunch – too busy having fun! So today ended up a pretty big blowout. Maybe I should have skipped the snacks, in order to fit in the cake. Although I needed the snacks to fill me up and not gravitate towards the food table. I could have had a lower calorie breakfast, and skipped the coffee too. Ah well, lessons learnt! I thought I had the day planned out well too, but then woke up and made a completely different breakfast. facepalm

Image Source

Poached eggs with baked beans

Chocolate cake. YUM! It was a small piece, and my tummy didn’t get too upset from the sweetness (after not having added sugar or chocolate for a month). I decided to have it, and I enjoyed it. And I’m not craving more!

Pumpkin Soup

Tomorrow – Sunday. I’m going to a group training session for my Week 4 Mini Milestone! The theme is Sparta 300. The idea being that the actors for the movie 300 did a particular workout to get buff for the movie. I don’t really know what to expect, but I’m sure it will be a good workout. Afterwards there is a picnic breakfast. The workout is only 1 hour, so I don’t expect to burn 1000 calories this time.

We have my BIL & his partner coming over for lunch, and then our Date Night in the evening! I’m going to pre-make my own popcorn, and make the best choice I can at the restaurant. We seriously have not been on a date together for over 12 months! Now that Miss E is older I’m hoping we can go out together more often than once a year!!

Things are slowly starting to feel part of my routine; this lifestyle change may just be starting to stick a little bit!

Here’s to staying consistent, and just doing what I’m doing.

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