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PST3 Training & Gear

I will be doing mostly gym classes, with some treadmill runs, and the odd Michelle Bridges DVD. I will review my plan regularly, but at this stage it looks like this:

Monday 6:30pm Pump

Tuesday 5:30pm RPM or Step or 6:30pm Zumba

Wednesday either 5:30pm Pump or Toning DVD and Netball

Thursday 5:30pm Boxing or 6pm RPM

Friday 10:30am Pilates class or Pilates/Yoga DVD

Saturday (super session) either 8:30am Step class and/or Group Training and/or Cardio DVDs and/or treadmill run

Sunday REST

The collection of various gear I’m using on this journey:

  • iPhone – for listening to music or checking 12WBT recipes or staying in touch with 12WBT facebook groups.
  • Polar FT4 heart rate monitor – for knowing my calorie burn.
  • Asics Gel Netburners – my shoes. Purchased primarily for netball, but they do the job.
  • SpiBelt – I’ve used this during my fun runs to hold my iphone and lip balm etc (you know – the essentials!)
  • Water bottles – I have a few, and cycle them regularly – my aim is to drink 3L a day.
  • dumbbells – for doing the toning DVD at home.
  • CardioTech treadmill – for running/walking at home.

Day 24 – Coffee struggles & Pump success

I love that it is Day 24, and I’m still here!

Today I discovered that one has to remember to charge the laptop at work, in order to use it in the car on the way home (so that is why this post is delayed). I made it to Pump again, which was great. I’m starting to really bump up the weights. It’s hard work though! I must be getting fitter, because I’m increasing the weights, and working harder, but my calorie burn is getting lower!

I bought another skinny flat white today *sigh*. Kylie 0 Excuses 2.

I’ll update my ‘fowl’ challenge soon – it’s not good. But putting it up here should push me to make big improvements.

Image Source

Banana smoothie. We didn’t have any raisin bread (another shopping list fail – it groups all breads together, which we then ignore because we buy bread weekly anyway). So I swapped the toast for another banana smoothie. (I have a post coming soon on our shopping list/recipe system and how it works for us. It works really well most of the time!).

Nicoise salad. This is sooo filling! I struggled to eat it all.

Hoisin beef stir-fry. We realised after I took this photo, that the recipe serves 4, so this is a double serve! So I scraped half of it into a container for freezing.

Tomorrow – Thursday. I’m going to do a 5am run/walk. Then high tea, and some shopping & errands. If I get to the 5:30pm boxing session then great, if not then I’ve already done some training for the day.

Congratulations to the winners of the 12WBT Weekly Surprise Top Ten Bloggers competition! This was such a great task, my blog reading list is now full of great blogs!! Looking forward to reading them!

Stay tuned for my weigh-in results!

How is your week going? Whatever your results, just stay consistent, eat healthy, train hard, and drink lots of water!! The key is planning ahead, and staying consistent. Don’t let the numbers change your plan, stay true to the course!


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