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Day 41 – Housework

Today we spent the day doing washing & housework. We also did the meal planning, fridge/freezer/pantry stocktake, and grocery shopping.

No training today, as I don’t want to be fatigued for the 5km run tomorrow morning.

Gee I hope your Saturday was more exciting than mine!

(‘New You’ Journal)

Breakfast frittata w avocado toast. Didn’t really enjoy this one, the omelette is much nicer.

Steak sandwich

Creamy beef with mushrooms

Tomorrow – Sunday. Up at 5AM, for the┬árun!!! Then doing some grocery shopping (stuff I forgot to add to the list this morning), and then home to prepare for the week ahead. Also thinking of doing the 4:30pm Body Attack class, to get to 1000 calories total burn!



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