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Day 66 – Netball Injury?

Netball was a fizzer. We lost 26-42. They just out-played us all over the court. And I’ve done something weird to my ankle/foot 😦

All day at work it was sore, and I had started to limp slightly. Then during the game it twinged and was quite painful. There were only a few minutes to go, so I kept playing, but not running at speed.

Tomorrow – Thursday. No plans apart from Mothers Group.



Day 45 – Distractions

Well. Today didn’t go how I planned at all. I had to focus on planning my upcoming cakes, so I could urgently order the required ingredients/tools. As it is I don’t know if the order will arrive in time. So I didn’t get to the 10:30am Pump class, or do much of the housework. But netball was great, at the start of the game our opponents only had 4 players, but for the last half they had found some extras, and were getting pushy & a bit cocky. But we kept our lead and won 36-27. Everyone was playing really well!

(‘New You’ Journal)

Poached eggs with smoked salmon & avocado toast

Mushroom & basil risotto

Tomorrow – Thursday. I’m hosting Mother’s Group, and then have RPM at 6pm.


Day 44 – Coffee Date

I had a lovely long coffee date with a girlfriend today, we had a great chat. I’m so grateful that my workplace is so flexible that this is doable and not frowned upon. Especially when a long chat is just what you needed!

I made it to the Step class after work, and I think I might actually be getting the hang of it! Tonight’s class was with a different instructor, and was a mix-up of all different moves, some I knew and some I didn’t. It was a small class, and I was at the back with a clear view of the instructor, so that makes a big difference!

<<So while I do record all my food intake in detail each day, I can’t for the life of me find my notes for this day. I think I may have accidentally deleted them. So while there are conspicuous gaps in my food diary, I promise I was eating clean!!!>>

(‘New You’ Journal)

Banana Bruschetta. We were running late, so I made this and ate it in the car! We also ran out of cottage cheese, so one slice has cream cheese instead.

Frittata & toast. I swapped the avocado for cream cheese (in a hurry – cream cheese was faster to grab than avocado!)

Hoisin beef stir-fry

Tomorrow – Wednesday. I have arranged to take the day off work to prepare for our rental inspection, and I have Netball at 6pm.


Day 38 – Pump AND Netball… PumpBall!

Today was a loooong day, but I got through it. I was up early for work, did Pump & played netball, and then I was up late making cupcake frosting & decorations. I’m making some (last minute) surprise cupcakes for Mothers Group tomorrow, to celebrate the arrival of our newest member! Stay tuned for pics 🙂

Pump was good, I went a bit heavier again. However I now know that 7.5kg for the bicep track is too much! But 7.5kg for the chest track is OK. 10kg for the legs is hard, but doable. 2kg for the tricep extensions is shaky but doable.
I want my arms to be BUFF!!

And netball was fantastic! We all played really well, and won 49-22. I’m starting to feel fitter, and therefore I play better, LOVE it!!!!!

(‘New You’ Journal)

Banana bruschetta. Actually made this at work, as we were running late.

Roast beef & beetroot sandwich

Cajun Chicken. The BEST YUMMIEST MEAL ever!

Tomorrow – Thursday. I have an appointment in the morning, and then 2pm Mothers Group (red flag alert!). I’m not hosting until next week, so I’ll need to be well prepared with my snacks. I’ll also need to resist the cupcakes, I know I can do it, I’ve done it before!

Then either 5:30pm Boxing, or 6pm RPM, or a treadmill run.


Day 17 – I heart Netball!

This is a quick post, because it’s late and I’ve missed my 9pm shut-off!

Today has been a fantastic day! I’m so pleased with my progress so far, and it just encourages me to keep going, and stay focussed. I’m really starting to enjoy exercising!

I won’t have time to watch the live video with Mish tonight, I’ll have to watch it tomorrow night. Can’t wait to ‘catchup’ with Mish again 🙂

Another great day of training – 932 calories today! And I was on fire at netball tonight – I barely missed a shot! I love it when that happens 🙂 And we won like 45-23 or something like that. Nooiice!

Image Source

Banana Bruschetta. No honey today! To be honest I completely forgot about adding it.

Ham & corn relish wrap with cottage cheese.

Penang Chicken. I was going to have the Thai Pumpkin soup, but haven’t made the time to make it yet. Thankfully we have some back-up meals in the freezer!

Tomorrow – Thursday. I have a couple of red flag events coming up, and the first is tomorrow. I’m hosting our Mother’s Group afternoon tea. I’m planning to serve an assortment of snacks. I’m thinking wholegrain rice crackers with little squares of cheese (Bega slices cut into 4), carrot sticks & green beans with hummus dip, and a plate of fruit. I’ll count out a punnet of strawberries for myself, and some crackers & cheese as my snacks! Maaaybe I could get some weight watchers choc chip cookies, but I’m conscious of the temptation, easier to just not buy them!

I’m also considering switching to tea, because it’s better for you, and has fewer calories. I figure I really only started drinking coffee when I started working in the city, so if I give it enough time, I could grow to like tea (here’s hoping!).

I’m planning to do a 6pm RPM class. Yes, yes I’m surprised at myself for wanting to do it again! My bum is pleading noooooo! I will have a quick look at Aldi tomorrow for a gel seat thingo. If my bum convinces me otherwise, I’ll do either a Mish DVD or a treadmill run.

My other red flag events are:

  • On Friday I’m going to a Pregnancy Babies & Children’s Expo.
  • On Saturday night we are going out for a friend’s birthday dinner.
  • On Sunday we’re going to our friend’s son’s 3rd birthday party.

I’m yet to finalise my plans for each of them, but I have some ideas swimming around in my head 🙂

OK, so I didn’t quite make the 9pm shut-down, but I AM TURNING IT OFF NOW! It’s now 9:31pm.

I hope your week is going great!

Day 15 – Super Monday Session!

So I didn’t quite get that early night. But I was up at 6am, I perservered for a while… and then went back to bed! Oooops. I set my alarm for 9am, but either I slept through it, or it didn’t work, as I woke naturally a bit after 10AM!!  ARGH. Immediately I thought damn, I can’t do the 10:30am class now, but I could do the 6:30pm instead. But then I realised HANG ON. I can still make it! So I jumped up, got changed, ran out the door, and I made it just in time! It was my 3rd class of the new Pump, and I’m getting more familiar with the routine. Very glad I JFDI because an evening class would have upset our dinner routine, and I was asked to play an extra netball game tonight, which I wouldn’t have been able to do if I had a 6:30 class. Phew!

My Wednesday netball team is part of a larger group that also plays on Monday nights, and they needed extra players. So between Pump and then netball, I was pret-ty excited about aiming for a 1000 calorie burn!!

I played GS for 3 quarters, and I could see I was no-where near my calorie target, so I swapped to GA for the last quarter, to have a run around. But it wasn’t enough. And I was OK with that, I gave it my all, and it was still up around the 900 mark, which is not bad!

BUT… then another team needed extra players (YAY!), so I was keen to play again to get to 1000 calories!

And, I DID IT! (cue Dora, lol) My 1st Super Session! In fact, I didn’t just do it. I SMASHED it! 1351 calories!!!!

I tell you this. There isn’t a food item or taste in this WORLD that is better than how I feel right now!

I feel STRONG. I feel CAPABLE. I feel like I CAN DO ANYTHING I put my mind to, and it’s ONLY WEEK THREE!!!!

I’ve been playing netball for most of my adult life, since primary school. Although I have dodgy ankles as a result of countless injuries, I still love it! I hope to continue playing for many many years, and can’t wait to introduce Miss E to junior netball. We joke that we are priming her for the Australian Olympic Netball Team in 2028! 😉

Today’s meals are a bit out-of-wack, due to sleeping half the morning. I grabbed a banana on my way to Pump, and had breakfast at lunch. So technically I skipped lunch (meant to be Thai Pumpkin Soup). But I made up for it with other snacks. Not quite how I had planned the day, but that’s just how I roll.

Image Source

Poached eggs on vegemite toast.

Coffee & muesli biscuit. Not an ideal lunch by any means, but I was able to have a coffee date with a girlfriend, without any temptations! All good 🙂
Those Carman’s bikkies are great, really tasty. Actually it is about the same calories as a regular lunch anyway, whoops.

Penang Chicken & 1 slice multigrain bread (to mop up the delicous sauce!). This is so yummy, I can’t believe it’s only 257 calories (not including the bread).

Rice pudding with strawberry jam & fresh strawberries. OMG. YUM!! Seriously.
I wanted to lick the bowl.

Tomorrow – Tuesday. It’s last chance training. I’m going to do either a 9:30am Fitbox class, or a 4:30pm Combat class. I haven’t done any boxing for a looong time, but I really enjoy it. Combat has boxing too, but no resistance.

I *may* have done another sneaky weigh-in this morning, and I CANT WAIT for Wednesday!!!

I hope your week is off to a brilliant start!


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