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Day 67 – Massive Mothers Group!

Although I’m now working 5 days per week, today I had the day off as Miss E doesn’t have a spot at daycare on Thursdays until next week onwards.

So I was able to join my friends for mums & bubs group, and we had a lovely time! There was a big turn-out today: 6 friends & 8 children (7 girls & 1 boy). It was great! Now I wish we had gotten a photo of all the toddlers (6 of them) all together.

Mothers Group is a red flag event for me, and I wasn’t organised at all today. I didn’t have any snacks prepared. In the end I had a handful of wholegrain rice crackers, 2 mini quiches, 2 crackers w cheese, and 5 paleo zuchinii fritters, and 2 peppermint teas. Not tooooo bad.

Bad is the 2 Subway cookies I inhaled late in the evening 😦

*sigh*  I wasn’t very good at riding the emotions this time…

Tomorrow – Friday. No plans for exercise yet, just a full day at work, and then try to get to bed early.



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