finding the awesome in life

Day 52 – Shattered

<<Hi…. yep it’s been a while huh. But. I’m back, and determined to continue this journey. I have a stack of draft posts that I’ll publish today. So much has happened. I’ve missed you!!!!!>>

I’ve been having so many late nights this week, it caught up with me today and I was shattered.

After catching up on the zzz’s I was able to get to a local cake store for some cakey items I needed.

I grabbed Subway (again) for lunch, as I was short on time – due to cake duty. And totally forgot to take a photo, whoops!

I could say that I needed to ‘taste test’ my ganache… but it wouldn’t be truthful. I think I chose to have some to try to stay awake. Either way I’m in dangerous territory….

(‘New You’ Journal)

Poached eggs with avocado & smoked salmon

Mexican shepherd’s pie

Tomorrow – Thursday. We’re going to a local High Tea event (red flag alert!). My plan is to take a punnet of strawberries, and order a coffee. I’ll buy a ticket, so I can get some sandwiches for Miss E. This usually gets me through. Then home to work on the cake. I had hoped to have it finished last night, but (as usual) I’ve under-estimated the time required to decorate.



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