finding the awesome in life

Day 47 – Home Sweet Home

<<This is just a quick update – back to regular blogging soon!>>

Today was a quiet one at home. Did some washing, played with Miss E, love these days!

Had a few extras today that I couldn’t figure out the calories for.. Whoops!

(‘New You’ Journal)

Puffed cereal with strawberries

Poached eggs on vegemite toast & coffee. (plus strawberry jam on toast snack)

Thai Chicken Burger

Tomorrow – Saturday. I intend to work more on our budget. We use YNAB (the BEST budgeting software EVER!), the trouble is that haven’t been keeping it up to date. However they are releasing a new version soon, which has cloud sync!!! So it will be HEAPS easier to maintain, and I can’t wait!! Once the budget is current, we’ll install the new version and get it all running nicely, and then we can make some better-informed decisions.

If you’re keen to try YNAB (and I think you definitely should!), you can use this link, and get it for (USD) $6 off!!



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