finding the awesome in life

Day 43 – Surfing emotions

<< ARRGH!! I have a week’s worth of updates to catch up on! Sometimes life gets so busy, my plate gets too full and blogging falls out of my scope of ability. But I have missed it, and have felt disorganised and not as accountable. I’m still going strong, and do intend to catch up ASAP!! So some of the next few updates might be short & sweet while I catch up, but I will be back to regular programming soon!>>

Today after work I was so tired, and started debating with myself whether to do Pump or not…. (warning, warning!!!!)

We have a rental inspection this week, and I’ve been exercising and working so much, the housework has been neglected. As a result I have a lot of work to do, in a very short space of time. Mr S gave me some encouragement to do the class, and I knew that I would be glad I did it, and regretful if I didn’t. So I JFDI’d, got dressed, and did it.

When I arrived the class was packed, and I had to find a spot to squeeze in. The thought did cross my mind to turn around and go home again, but I quickly dismissed it. It felt good to have done it even when I didn’t feel like it.

I’m going through some personal stuff at the moment, which just made me feel like flopping onto the couch in a sulk and eating chocolate. I even eyed off the chocolate fundraising box at work.. didn’t have any, but I looked semi-longingly!

But I remember Mish’s advice and recognise that these are just emotions, and they will come and go. I ride this wave of sad feelings, and I know that new feelings will come by soon enough.

<<So while I do record all my food intake in detail each day, I can’t for the life of me find my notes for this day. I think I may have accidentally deleted them. So while there are conspicuous gaps in my food diary, I promise I was eating clean!!!>>

(‘New You’ Journal)

Strawberry bruschetta

Bunless burger with bun

Tomorrow – Tuesday. Work, and then 5:30pm Step class.



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