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Day 42 – Race Day!!

I was up early for the race, but I had slept longer than planned, so left in a rush (lucky I’d pre-packed my bag & snacks & outfit!). Mr S decided to stay home (my last 2 fun runs he & Miss E have come along in support). I’m glad as it turned out to be a cold, windy day. I’d offered a lift to a local 12WBT friend, and she & I drove straight to the race. We got there in plenty of time to park, collect my race bib and then meet up with some other 12WBT members, and we all chatted and took a few group photos while waiting for the 10km racers to line up.

When those doing the 10km left to prepare for their start, I bought a coffee and found a seat, trying to stay warm. It was a miserable overcast and windy day. I found out a few previous 12WBT members were also doing the 5km, so I met up with them and chatted for a while. I was glad for the company at the start of the race!

Here I am a few minutes before the start 🙂

So I’m very pleased to report that I smashed my goal to finish in 40 minutes! I ran 5km (including hills!) in 35:44!! That is 9:24 faster than my last 5km!! I’m quite chuffed 😀 And I didn’t stop the WHOLE way! The only times I slowed right down was to grab some water from the volunteers.

After the race there were a few groups meeting to get coffee and warm up indoors, but as I knew there were things to get done at home, I declined to join them. I really wanted to though… next time!

There are already plans for the next fun run! It’s in 5 weeks, and is 2 km, 6km or 10km! If I do anything, it will be the 6km. I’m not ready for 10km yet!

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and blogging. I was too drained for any more exercise (excuse alert), and I needed the time to prepare for the week ahead.

(‘New You’ Journal)

Bacon & egg burrito

Chicken & grape salad w goat’s fetta & walnuts. I LOVE this salad! It has lots of rocket, which I’m not a huge fan of, but the grapes provide some sweetness, and the chicken and fetta and tosted walnuts….. YUM!

Proscuitto & rocket pizza with cherry tomatoes

Tomorrow – Monday. Back to work, then 6:30pm Pump. Actually I’m not sure if I should do the class, as my shoulder has been giving me some pain. I’ll see how it goes throughout the day. I would prefer to still go, as I’ve been now for 5 weeks in a row!

I am looking forward to my weigh-in this week 😉

How was your weekend?



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4 thoughts on “Day 42 – Race Day!!

  1. runninggurl on said:

    Your food looks fantastic. Mine don’t look as appetising when I try and take pictures. Well done on the 5km.

    • Thankyou Chelsea! I think having good light makes the photos better, and the recipes are all great, so the subject matter is good 🙂 lol
      I’m just using my iPhone, so it’s nothing fancy.

  2. Great time on the 5k! Well done.

  3. Thanks Heather 🙂 Well done resisting your colleague’s snack drawer!! I’ve just stocked up my work drawer with some heatlhy low-cal options as backup.

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