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Day 27 – Fitness Test FAIL

Right. So…. I did my fitness test this morning. Due to other plans, I had to do it early, and started it at 8:30am.

Now I am not a morning person. I do early starts when I have to, but generally I prefer to sleep until I wake up naturally. I find my peak performance/productivity zone is the afternoon/evening. But on this day I started my fitness test at 8:30AM.
And it was TERRIBLE 😦

I was 2 minutes 20 seconds SLOWER on the 1km time trial. I have improved my push-ups (an extra 9 push-ups in 1 minute). Less time on the wall sit, No change to abdominal strength, and less flexibility on the sit & reach. Not what I was expecting AT ALL. I really thought that having lost 5.9kg, I would be faster 😦

  1. 1km time trial: 9:10 (beginner)
  2. push-ups: 32 (advanced)
  3. ab strength: 0 (beginner)
  4. wall sit: 0:21.7 (beginner)
  5. sit & reach: +18cm (advanced)

So I’ve decided to re-do it next weekend, at the same time of day as my first test (4.45pm). I think doing it so early in the morning (early for me anyway, on a Saturday!) has really made a difference to the results. At least that is what I’m hoping. I also think I need more sleep… (I know, I know, I keep going on about it, but when will I start to WALK my TALK???).

I had thought the 1km was 2.5 laps of the oval, and at that point I stopped, looked at the runkeeper ap on my phone and it said 0.50km What the??? So I started running again. I had to do another 2 laps! Maybe runkeeper was faulty? I don’t know what happened. But, even though I knew I’d stuffed it completely, and I was hurting, I was NOT STOPPING!!!

And on top of all that, in my rush to get it done I completely forgot to turn my HRM on, so I don’t even have a calorie burn to report. Arrgh.

We had a lovely time at the party, and the birthday girl was adorable (as always!). I didn’t go near the food table, I stuck to my scheduled lunch meal (which I’d brought with me), and I had a small piece of birthday cake. Yay!

I have no idea on the calories for the chocolate cake, I’ve done some internet research, and had a look on myfitnesspal. In the end I just guesstimated a number. And I totally forgot to get a photo of my lunch – too busy having fun! So today ended up a pretty big blowout. Maybe I should have skipped the snacks, in order to fit in the cake. Although I needed the snacks to fill me up and not gravitate towards the food table. I could have had a lower calorie breakfast, and skipped the coffee too. Ah well, lessons learnt! I thought I had the day planned out well too, but then woke up and made a completely different breakfast. facepalm

Image Source

Poached eggs with baked beans

Chocolate cake. YUM! It was a small piece, and my tummy didn’t get too upset from the sweetness (after not having added sugar or chocolate for a month). I decided to have it, and I enjoyed it. And I’m not craving more!

Pumpkin Soup

Tomorrow – Sunday. I’m going to a group training session for my Week 4 Mini Milestone! The theme is Sparta 300. The idea being that the actors for the movie 300 did a particular workout to get buff for the movie. I don’t really know what to expect, but I’m sure it will be a good workout. Afterwards there is a picnic breakfast. The workout is only 1 hour, so I don’t expect to burn 1000 calories this time.

We have my BIL & his partner coming over for lunch, and then our Date Night in the evening! I’m going to pre-make my own popcorn, and make the best choice I can at the restaurant. We seriously have not been on a date together for over 12 months! Now that Miss E is older I’m hoping we can go out together more often than once a year!!

Things are slowly starting to feel part of my routine; this lifestyle change may just be starting to stick a little bit!

Here’s to staying consistent, and just doing what I’m doing.


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