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I know it’s been a while, much has happened.

I’ve recently moved over here. Please come on over, a new journey is starting…

This is my latest post. It’s been a crappy few months but surely good things are ahead.

Hope to see you there!



Day 67 – Massive Mothers Group!

Although I’m now working 5 days per week, today I had the day off as Miss E doesn’t have a spot at daycare on Thursdays until next week onwards.

So I was able to join my friends for mums & bubs group, and we had a lovely time! There was a big turn-out today: 6 friends & 8 children (7 girls & 1 boy). It was great! Now I wish we had gotten a photo of all the toddlers (6 of them) all together.

Mothers Group is a red flag event for me, and I wasn’t organised at all today. I didn’t have any snacks prepared. In the end I had a handful of wholegrain rice crackers, 2 mini quiches, 2 crackers w cheese, and 5 paleo zuchinii fritters, and 2 peppermint teas. Not tooooo bad.

Bad is the 2 Subway cookies I inhaled late in the evening 😦

*sigh*  I wasn’t very good at riding the emotions this time…

Tomorrow – Friday. No plans for exercise yet, just a full day at work, and then try to get to bed early.


Day 66 – Netball Injury?

Netball was a fizzer. We lost 26-42. They just out-played us all over the court. And I’ve done something weird to my ankle/foot 😦

All day at work it was sore, and I had started to limp slightly. Then during the game it twinged and was quite painful. There were only a few minutes to go, so I kept playing, but not running at speed.

Tomorrow – Thursday. No plans apart from Mothers Group.


Day 57 – Refocussed?

No Pump again this week. I’m doing another cake for my FIL’s 70th birthday 🙂

Banana bread

Mexican Shepherds Pie

Tomorrow – Tuesday. Work, then more caking.


Day 55 – Cake leftovers..

Just photos for today.

Poached eggs on vegemite toast

Steak sandwich

Cajun Chicken



Day 54 – Sys Admin Day

So today was System Administrators Appreciation Day (yes, this is a thing – it even has a wikipedia page), and my work branch had a combined lunch. There was pizza & Subway with a can of softdrink, and cake.

The cake is a triple layer chocolate mud cake with dark chocolate ganache. The computer mouse is made of rice bubble treat, with dark chocolate ganache & fondant.

While I’ve listed my food intake for the day, I have no idea of the calories.

(‘New You’ Journal)



Tomorrow – Saturday. We have not one single plan, and I love it that way!


Day 53 – Thursday

Today’s highlight was attending our High Tea without partaking in the yummy foods on offer! Miss E didn’t even touch the sandwiches I got for her, and she ate most of my strawberries! I ordered my coffee, and chatted with my friends.

(‘New You’ Journal)

Poached eggs with ham & avocado toast

Mexican shepherds pie

Butter Chicken. This didn’t agree with me at all, and my tummy was quite grumbly about it. But I had heaps of cake decorating still to do, so I wanted something quick.

Tomorrow – Friday. Cake D-Day! I’m driving into work for a branch lunch at 12pm, and then there will be CAKE! I will be having one piece. I’ve worked so damn hard on this thing I’m not not having some!


Day 52 – Shattered

<<Hi…. yep it’s been a while huh. But. I’m back, and determined to continue this journey. I have a stack of draft posts that I’ll publish today. So much has happened. I’ve missed you!!!!!>>

I’ve been having so many late nights this week, it caught up with me today and I was shattered.

After catching up on the zzz’s I was able to get to a local cake store for some cakey items I needed.

I grabbed Subway (again) for lunch, as I was short on time – due to cake duty. And totally forgot to take a photo, whoops!

I could say that I needed to ‘taste test’ my ganache… but it wouldn’t be truthful. I think I chose to have some to try to stay awake. Either way I’m in dangerous territory….

(‘New You’ Journal)

Poached eggs with avocado & smoked salmon

Mexican shepherd’s pie

Tomorrow – Thursday. We’re going to a local High Tea event (red flag alert!). My plan is to take a punnet of strawberries, and order a coffee. I’ll buy a ticket, so I can get some sandwiches for Miss E. This usually gets me through. Then home to work on the cake. I had hoped to have it finished last night, but (as usual) I’ve under-estimated the time required to decorate.


Week 8 – WWW

1.5kg down this week!

I’VE DONE IT!!!! My 2nd goal to lose 10kg by 25 July 2012. WOW, I can hardly believe it 😀

Now I guess I need to make ANOTHER new goal!

So here it is: My new 3 month goal is to weigh less than 80kg by the last weigh-in (which I think is 29 August). If I achieve this goal, that would make my total weight loss 14.4kg (31.7lbs). Not bad considering my original goal was to lose 12kg across the 12 weeks!

My lowest known weight as an adult is 76.9kg (and that was right before my 30th birthday). So I will be very happy to get into the 70’s again!!

Planning to go hard for the next 5 weeks!

Day 51 – More caking

<<This is just a quick update – back to regular blogging soon!>>

More quick & easy meal options this week. With caking temporarily taking over all my time, I’m unable to prep my lunch. This is what the backups are for!

(‘New You’ Journal)

Banana bread & coffee


Chicken Parmigiana. This is another one of my all-time favourites!! Soo tasty.

Tomorrow – Wednesday. Work, then netball at 7:20pm. Then more work on the cake!


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